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What-Khan Gaming Convention in Rockford, Illinois

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Malifaux returns to What-Khan in 2016!

Located inside the Mercy Sportscore 2 Complex, at 8800 East Riverside Blvd., Rockford, Illinois 61111, What-Khan is a three day event taking place Friday, October 21st through Sunday, the 23rd. Malifaux events will be held the Friday night, and all day Saturday. There's a lot going on at the convention, including a silent auction, door prizes, and lots of vendors; Be sure to check out http://www.what-khan.com for all the details. Registration must be completed on the What-Khan site in order to participate in the events, and badges can be purchased for the entire weekend, or just a single day.


Friday, October 21st, from 2pm to 11pm:  Open gaming, demos, and the Divergent Paths global event will be available all day. Come play some games, mingle with your fellow Breachsiders, and have some fun.

Saturday, October 22nd, from 9am to 11pm: Tournament day! This will be a three round tournament, scored Gaining Grounds 2016, at 50ss, locked faction, for up to 16 players. Rounds have a 1:45hr time limit with a 20min break between rounds, and a 1hr lunch/dinner break after round 2. The floor opens at 9am, check-in with the TO opens at 9:30am, and games will start by 11am. Open gaming will be available after the tournament is over.

  • Round 1 - Extraction, standard deployment
    • Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Exhaust their Forces, Search the Ruins, and Mark for Death
  • Round 2 - Headhunter, standard deployment
    • Convict Labor, Show of Force, Exhaust their Forces, Catch and Release, and Frame for Murder
  • Round 3 - Interference, stand deployment
    • Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Exhaust their Forces, Undercover Entourage, and Detonate the Charges


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