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New Player's Quick Guide

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I made this for some of my friends who know nothing of Malifaux, but seem interested in the Through the Breach campaign I plan on starting in a few months. They were asking about the various things they could be, so I hope this gives them a quick view of what is possible. Feel free to give any suggestions you might have.



The first think you do is choose a tarot. By flipping cards for the Tarot, you both generate your beginning stats and reveal your destiny. There is four current Tarots.


The Crossroads Tarots: It tells your origin story. It is the standard tarot people use. It cannot be modified and allows for humans only.


The Assembly Line Tarot: It tells the tale of someone who has already adjusted their fate. It allows for the most customization since it allows you draw two cards to replace a tarot card. It also creates a tie to a powerful organization in the North and gives the chance for creating an Invested *cough* robot *cough* character.


Brush With Death Tarot: It tells the tale of those who came close to death and their Fate altered forever. It allows for minor customization. It also lets you play as a Stitched (undead) character. And yes, you can play zombie children.


Into the Bayou Tarot: Honestly, as I don’t have it yet, I’m not sure. It will allow you to play as a Gremlin. Presumably, it is the only option for the Tarot.




The Pursuit is a class/job/etc. Unlike many RPG’s, you choose what your Pursuit is at the beginning of the session. You are not locked into a Pursuit once you pick it (besides for the session). You will gain the next available ability at the end of the session. You can take a wide variety of Pursuits or specialize in one or two.


Academic (Social): Knowledge is power and you have a lot of it. Use your brains and Academic skills to give yourself advantages in other areas.


Criminal (All-Rounder): Criminals don’t last long being slow. You gain general abilities to aid your life of crime and advantages for speed in combat.


Dabbler (Magic): You command the power of the elements. Overwhelm your enemies with you versatile and raw magical power.


Drudge (Combat/Teamwork): You’re tough as they come. Of course, part of that may be because you’re part machine. Survive what would kill most people. Also, you will learn to work as a team, improving team actions.


Graverobber (Magic): Become a Master of Necromancy! Please note, necromancy is much more than raising undead armies. Of course, that’s also an option.


Guard (Close Combat): One tough sonvabitch. That’s what you are. You believe that fighter who can last the longest will win.


Gunfighter (Ranged Combat): Some people believe that a single bullet can change the world. You believe a lot of bullets can change even more. Your trigger finger is quick and happy.


Mercenary (Ranged Combat): Masters of the rifle. You may not fire as much as the gunslinger, but your bullets (and range!) are much deadlier.


Overseer (Social): You’re the boss. Sure, you may need to put the underlings in place, but they’ll benefit from your leadership.


Performer (Social): Amaze people with your presence. Your social abilities will wow the crowds and get you past challenges that brute force cannot.


Pioneer (All-Rounder): Survival of the fittest. And you have proven you can survive whatever is thrown at you.


Scrapper (Close Combat): Do you believe the best defense is the best offense in a fight? This may be the pursuit for you.


Tinkerer (Magic): Learn the blessings of enchanting magic. Healing and constructs-based magic will be at your fingertips.


Wastrel (Scoundrel): Stack the deck. You manipulate the Fate deck and your hand to insure luck is always your lady.


Animator (Magic): Fancy Tinkerers with their constructs. You make do with the scraps, creating disposable minions that will last you as long as you need them. You may also choose to specialize in using corpses rather than machines.


Augmented (Combat): A Drudge may have lost part of their humanity when they replaced part of their body with machine. You see it as a starting point.


Collaborator (Social): You know how to work as a team. With your help, people will work as a team in a fight. Teamwork for the win!


Engineer (Specialty): An engineer can produce miracles. Not with magic, but with science! Be limited only by your brilliance and imagination.


Illusionist (Magic): For when you want magic that can do more than blast people in the face or raise the dead. Control people’s sense and manipulate them at every turn.


Infiltrator (Social): For the sneaky gits who want to lie their way to success. You may learn how to backstab people or infiltrate deep into enemy ranks.


Mage (Magic): Magic flows through you. Others need tomes to work their magic. Yours may be less versatile, but you it comes to you as easy as breathing. You may learn multiple spells or increase the power of a single spell to incredible heights. You may also gain a Totem as a focus of your power.


Primal (Specialty): Feel the call of the wild. You will become one with nature and the animals of Malifaux will come to your beck and call.


Bully (Close Combat/Social): Terrorize your enemies. And friends. In fact, terrorize everyone! And when that does work, make sure they know they should be afraid.


Chemist (Crafting/Status Ailments): Through a mastery of chemicals, you can do amazing things. Focus on crafting or using poison in combat. Of course, you can always do a little of both.


Forgotten (Social): Who are you? People seem to be asking you that when they bother to notice. Hope you don’t take advantage of that.


Ghost Eater (Magic): You eat souls and harvest chi from it. Besides possible indigestion, you can gain immortality or use the chi to power your combat abilities.


Ghoul (Close Combat): If people are just animals, isn’t cannibalism natural. The laws (and decent society) are just unfair discrimination against those who prefer a different flavor of meet? Sure. It may give you unnatural hunger and powers, but hey, that just means it’s good for you.


Medium (Magic): You see the spirits of the departed. No. You command the spirits. As your powers grow, you will be able to summon more powerful spirits or increase the power of those you can already summon.


Necromancer (Magic): You are all about creating an undead army. Your undead will stay under you control and your army will continue to grow with the fall of each enemy.


Sawbones (Specialty): The doctor is in! You will be the one keeping other people alive. Of course, you will be able to use your medical knowledge for more sinister purposes if you wish.


The following pursuits are from Into the Bayou which I don’t have yet and won’t come until the end of October.


Bokor: Learn hexes and curses.


Boomer: Make explosions?


Boozer: Gremlins like their ‘shine. They have learned to use their severe alcoholism as an advantage. Yay!


Buckaroo: Not sure. Learn how to ride a rooster?


Copycat: Learn how to imitate your betters.


Pugilist: Punch people.


Swineherd: Control one of the most dangerous animals in Malifaux. The Malifaux pig.


Trapper: Make traps and laugh as your opponents hurt themselves on them.


Advanced Pursuit


Besides regular Pursuits, you can gain an Advanced Pursuit. You can never choose these. The Fatemaster will offer them to you. Of course, you can always work with the Fatemaster if you want to guide your character to it.


Death Marshal (Undead Hunter): You have joined the ranks the Death Marshals. You will use necromancy to fight it. You will protect Malifaux from the undead scourge with your trusty peacemaker and coffin.


Freikorpsmann (Elite Mercenary): You are a member of one of the most elite mercenary groups in Malifaux. You have access to the superior equipment and training of your organization.


Steamfitter (Arcanist Operative): You have been chosen to receive an education from the criminal/freedom fighting (depending on who ask) organization, the Arcanist. You will learn their secrets and your magical power will grow.


Grave Servant (Chosen Necromancer): The dark forces of necromancy have chosen you for a purpose. If it finds you to be an acceptable servant, your power over the undead will grow.


Torakage (Ninja): The criminal organization, the Ten Thunders, has chosen you to learn the secret weapon techniques of the Torakage. But yeah, you get to be a ninja.


December Acolyte (Frozen Heart): You are a member of the Cult of December. You have learned to harness its power to stalk and devour your enemies.


Silent One (Raputina’s Favored): A higher ranking member of the Cult of the December. You gain December’s ice magic at your beck and call.


Showgirl (Razzle Dazzler): You have been accepted into the ranks of the Star Theater. You will gain your own Mannequin bodyguard and other perks of such a prestigious troupe. NOTE: As Colette, the owner of the Star Theater, now hires men since Into the Steam was written, I will allow male characters to take it. Not Gremlins. Colette has standards. ;^D


Shapeshifter (Shape Shifter): You can take the form of animals. Your flesh will become putty you can shape into any beast you desire.


Demolitionist (Explosion Master): You make things go boom. Eventually, you will make things go bigger boom.


Abettor of Obliteration (                        ): You have been noticed by Tara, the Herald of Obliteration. As such, you have gained the power of Nothingness, allowing you to control time and space.


Exorcist (Religious Warrior): You hunt the undead of Malifaux. While Death Marshals do it out of their duty, you do it for your god (which one doesn’t seem to matter). The undead will know fear.


Revivalist (Necromantic Perfectionist): You prefer quality over quantity. You have created a single undead creation whose power and loyalty will grow as yours does.


Revenant (Anchored Spirit): You have died. But you cannot pass on. Your spirit has manifested in order to complete something. Whether it is duty, revenge, or something else, that’s what you must figure out.


Student of Transmortis (Unwilling Student): Dr. Von Schtook has invited you to study at the University of Transmortis. Unfortunately, you attended (willingly or more, likely, not). You are now a horrific combination of undead flesh and metal. Look on the bright side. At least, you don’t have to pay student loans.


Nephilim Hunter (Nephilim Bane): You have been taught the secret Nephilim hunting techniques of [REDACTED]. You are now the bane of the Nephilim, one of the most common and dangerous Neverborn.


Rampager (Unbridled Rage): You have been corrupted by a [REDACTED]. While many recovered, it left a piece out of itself in your soul. Now you can harness that rage on your enemies.


Autumn Knight (Queen’s Servant): You have been chosen to serve Titania, the Queen of the Neverborn, to serve her for all of eternity. It could have been worse. It could have been much worse.

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Art (Cunning): You are in artist.

Bureaucracy (Cunning): You can get through the legal and government system.

Engineering (Intellect): You understand and are able to design mechanics and abilities.

Geography (Intellect): You can make maps and realize how the land relates with itself (ie “This place would make a good place to put a town”).

History (Intellect): You know history.

Literacy (Cunning): You can read good.

Mathematics (Intellect): You know that 2+2=4. Damn intellectuals.

Close Combat

Flexible (Grace): You know how to use chains, whips and other fun things.

Grappling (Speed): You know how get the upper hand in a grapple.

Heavy Melee (Might): You can use two-handed weapons.

Martial Arts (Speed): You know how to use martial arts.

Melee (Might): You know how to use one-handed weapons.

Pneumatic (Might): You can use weapons with mechanical parts.

Pugilism (Might): You punch things in the face. It works for you.


Alchemistry (Intellect): You know how to mix chemicals.

Artefacting (Cunning): You know how to make constructs, pneumatic limbs, or other machines.

Blacksmithing (Intellect): You can make metal objects.

Culinary (Charm): You can make food.

Farming (Tenacity): You farm.

Homesteading (Tenacity): You can make mundane items and various “home projects.”

Printing (Intellect): You can create printed materials.

Stitching (Cunning): You know how to sew clothes and corpses.


Appraise (Cunning): You know what stuff is worth.

Doctor (Intellect): You keep people alive.

Explosives (Intellect): You make things go BOOM!

Forgery (Cunning): You can produce forgeries completely legitimate documents.

Gambling (Cunning): You know the rules of the games, probability, and (if you’re that kind of person) cheat.

Husbandry (Charm): You know how to take care of animals and driving wagons.

Lockpicking (Grace): You can pick locks.

Music (Charm): You know music.

Navigation (Tenacity): You can find your way.

Pick Pocket (Speed): You can pick pocket people.

Scrutiny (Cunning): You can get a read on people. RECOMMENDED!!!

Track (Cunning): You can track people.

Wilderness (Cunning): You know how to survive in the wild.


Counter-Spelling (Tenacity): You can dispel magic.

Enchanting (Charm or Cunning): You can use Enchanting magic.

Harness Soulstone (Charm): You can use soulstones effectively and refill their energy.

Necromancy (Charm or Tenacity): You can use Necromancy magic.

Sorcery (Intellect or Tenacity): You can use Sorcery magic.

Prestidigitation (Cunning or Intellect): You can use Prestidigitation magic.

Ranged Combat

Archery (Grace): You can use bows and crossbows.

Heavy Guns (Might): You can the big ‘uns.

Long Arms (Intellect): You can use rifles.

Pistol (Grace): You can use pistols.

Shotgun (Grace): You can use shotguns.

Thrown Weapons (Grace): You can use thrown weapons like throwing knives and ninja stars.


Barter (Tenacity): You can haggle with the best of them.

Bewitch (Charm): You know how to make people like you.

Convince (Intellect): You know how to get people to see things your way.

Deceive (Intellect): You can convince people of the truth (as you see it, objectively speaking, it would be defined as “liar, liar, pants on fire”).

Intimidate (Tenacity): You make sure people know better that to not do what you want.

Leadership (Charm): You not only know how to inspire people, but able to put that into effective action.

Teach (Intellect): You can teach other people your wisdom.



Acrobatics (Grace): You can do acrobatics. Besides that, you can get out of the way when you need to (like say an explosion happens near you).

Athletics (Might): You can physical activities.

Carouse (Resilience): You can hold your liquor.

Centering (Tenacity): You can keep yourself calm in the most stressful situations. [It can be used for figuring out your Willpower or your ability to resist mental attacks.]

Evade (Speed): You can avoid enemy attacks. [It can be used for figuring our your Defense or your ability to resist physical attacks.]

Labor (Resilience): You can do manual labor.

Notice (Cunning): You notice when things seem amiss. RECOMMENDED!!!

Stealth (Cunning): You can be a sneak.

Toughness (Resilience): You can take a hit. [It is used for figuring out Wounds.]

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General Talents


Addict (Requirements: Brilliance Condition): Gain an ability to be drawn to others with Brilliance Condition.


Advanced Sensors (Requirements: Invested Character/Light Chassis): Gain a bonus to Notice duels and a chance to detecting things others can.


Armor Training (Requirements: None): Reduces penalty to Defense for wearing Armor. It can be taken multiple times.


Avoidant (Requirements:-1 Resilience): Gain Defense, but lose a Wound.


Bent Fate (Requirements: Fated Character/2 Destiny Steps Completed): Remove some cards from your deck.


Better Part of Valor (Requirements: -1 Tenacity): Increases Walk at the cost of Charge.


Blissful Ignorance (Requirements: -1 Cunning): Reduces the penalty for losing a Horror Duel.


Bloated Stench (Requirements:-1 Charm): Enemies suffer damage after dealing Close Combat damage to you.


Blood Scent (Requirements: Blood Sickness Condition): Gain Fast by discarding a card if enemies are killed near you while you have the Blood Sickness Condition.


Blot the Sky (Requirements: +3 Archery): Fire multiple arrows to gain blast effects to your Archery damage.


Book Smart (Requirements: -1 Cunning): Gain bonuses to non-Magical Intellect duels while taking a penalty to Initiative.


Brain Surgery (Requirements: +4 Doctor): Perform Brain Surgery for fun and profit (and to increase the intelligence of your flesh constructs).


Burning Man (Requirements: Must have had Burning +5 resolve against Fated): Gain a Defensive Trigger that sets people on fire for missing you.


C-C-C-Combo (Requirements: +3 Martial Arts): Gain a Trigger on Martial Arts attacks that let you attack again.


Called Shot (Requirements: None): Change the suit of a Critical Effect by paying the cost. It can be taken multiple times but choose a different Skill each time.


Calm & Collected (Requirements: -1 Speed): Gain more Focus than normal.


Ceaseless Advance (Requirements: Fated/+1 Tenacity): Get a Free Walk Action if you have no cards in hand.


Channel Destiny (Requirements: None): Take damage to add a suit to your duel total.


Cheating So and So (Requirements: +3 Gambling): Gives you a Trigger on all of your Expertise Decks that lets you manipulate your deck.


Clear Orders (Requirements: +3 Leadership): Gain a bonus to Disengaging Strikes using Scrutiny.


Combat Reading (Requirements: +1 Cunning): Reduces


Common Sense (Requirements: +2 Cunning): Discard a card to gain bonuses during Narrative Time.


Concussive Force (Requirements: +2 Might): Push enemy away any time you punch them.


Counter-Spell (Requirements: +3 Counter-Spelling): Magical skills do not work so well against this character.


Critical Strike (Requirements: Specialized Skill with Chosen Skill): A Combat Skill gains a Trigger to increase damage to attack. It can be taken multiple times but choose a different Skill each time.


Cynic (Requirements: -1 Charm): Gain bonuses to resisting deception.


Demanding Taskmaster (Requirements: +3 Flexible): Gain a Trigger to Flexible attacks that cause the enemy to move where you want.


Disarming Attack (Requirements: +3 Martial Arts): Gain a Trigger to Martial Arts attacks that lets you disarm an item at reduced damage.


Evil Eye (Requirements: +6 Willpower): Gain a Defensive Trigger that will Curse the enemy if you succeed.


Fate’s Messenger (Requirements: Fated, 2 Destiny Steps Completed): Suffer damage in place of discarding a card.


Favored by Fate (Requirements: Fated, 1 Destiny Step Completed): Suffer damage in order to redraw a card.


Ferocious Loyalty (Requirements: +3 Leadership): When ordering a subordinate character, discard a card to give the subordinate a bonus on its turn.


Fickle (Requirements: -2 Tenacity): Gain a bonus the first time you use a skill that session. Increasing Skills to higher levels becomes more costly.


Final Repose (Requirements: +1 Cunning): Make things you kill unsuitable to be raised from the dead.


Flick of the Wrist (Requirements: -1 Might): Use Grace for Close Combat attacks with one handed weapons.


From Beyond (Requirements: Haunted Condition): Become Immune to the Haunted Condition. Lower Haunted Condition to possibly change the outcome of a duel.


Frozen Heart (Requirements: None): Become Immune to Horror Duels and Paralyze.


Gaussian Logic Engine (Requirements: Invested Character): Reduces a Physical Aspect to increase a Mental Aspect.


Glimpse Fate’s Plan (Requirements: Fated Character): Increase hand size. It can be taken multiple times.


Governor’s Gift (Requirements: +1 Charm): Pick a gender. Gain a bonus to Bewitch and Scrutiny duels against people of that gender.


Great Fate (Requirements: None): Draw extra cards at the beginning of the session, then discard to the normal amount. It can be taken multiple times.


Gruff (Requirements: -1 Charm): Penalties to Scrutiny duels against you.


Hard to Kill (Requirements: +1 Resilience): Ignore a Critical Effect.


Heavy Mount and Bracing (Requirements: Invested/Heavy Chassis): Attach your Heavy Weapon to your chest (with faster readying).


Hobbling Attack (Requirements: Specialized Skill with Chosen Skill): Gain a Trigger that reduces enemy movements.


Hole in the Chest (Requirements: Stitched Character/-1 Resilience): Gain a Trigger to Defense Duels that will cause a Ranged Attack to deal no damage.


Honest (Requirements: -1 Cunning): Gain a bonus to Convince and Leadership against friendly or neutral people.


Hunter (Requirements: +3 Wilderness): Gain a bonus to damage done to Beasts.


I Thought You Died?! (Requirements: +3Resilience): Void a death. ONE USE ONLY.


Imposing Mass (Requirements: -1 Grace): Gain a bonus to Disengaging Strikes.


Improvised Parts (Requirements: +1 Intellect): Increase Construct Points when you create a Construct.


Ingenious (Requirements: -1 Might): Gain a bonus to duels that require tools.


Inscription (Requirements: +3 Literacy): Increase your Grimoire’s Spells.


Interface (Requirements: Invested Character): Gain a Trigger to all Social Skills that will give bonuses after succeeding against Constructs.


It’s Raining Scrip (Requirements: Fated Character): Get extra Scrip when gaining Scrip.


Just a Graze (Requirements: Fated Character): Cheat damage done against you in most circumstances.


Killswitch (Requirements: +3 Explosives): Make your Constructs and/or Undead characters explosive upon death.


Leg Modification (Requirements: Invested Character): You can change out your legs for different effects.


Let Me Show You (Requirements: +3 Teach): Discard a card to let others use a Skill you know for a day.


Lightning Rod (Requirements: -1 Grace): Gain bonuses to resisting magic, but opponent gets to add a suit to their duel.


Man’s Best Friend (Requirements: +3 Husbandry): Gain a dog.


Mechanized Undead (Requirements: Stitched Character): Gain the Construct characteristic and may buy Invested Talents.


Medical Genius (Requirements: +3 Doctor): Gain a Trigger on Doctor Challenges that increase the effect of success.


Metal On Metal (Requirements: Invested Character): Gain a Defensive Trigger that reduces damage taken.


Mind in the Sewer (Requirements: +3 Toughness): Become immune to Blight and Infected Conditions. Ignore severe terrain penalties from moving in water.


Mostly Blind (Requirements: -1 Grace): Gain bonuses to Close Combat attacks and penalties to Ranged Combat Attacks.


Mountaineer (Requirements: +1 Grace): Gain bonuses to Climbing.


Mow Down (Requirements: +3 Heavy Guns): Use 2 AP to attack with Heavy Guns to gain bonuses without the ability to Cheat Gate and using triple bullets.


Necrochemist (Requirements: +3 Alchemistry +3/+2 Necromancy): May make potions that affect Undead instead of Living characters.


Noxious Undead (Requirements: Alchemistry): Undead you create gain the Noxious Cloud Ability.


Open Hand Fighting (Requirements: None): Disengaging Strikes deal damage while fighting with a one handed weapon.


Pair Weapons (Requirements: +3 in Chosen Skill): Gain a bonus to attacks when using two weapons.


Plain Spoken (Requirements: -1 Intellect): Gain bonus to Social Skills during Dramatic Time.


Pyromaniac (Requirements: Character must Inflict 10 Burning in a Single Combat): Give more Burning.


Queensbury Rules (Requirements: +3 Pugilism): Gain a Pugilism Trigger letting you knock people to the ground.


Quick (Requirements: +2 Speed): You can resist Pulse effects better. Pulse and Blast effects are deal less damage.


Quick Study (Requirements: +1 Intellect): May chose a Skill that you saw someone else use when improving Skills at the end of the session.


Reattach (Requirements: Undead/-1 Resilience): Heal and gain the Fragile Condition. May reattach limbs.


Rebound (Requirements: +3 Thrown Weapons): Gives a Trigger allowing you to damage another enemy while using Thrown Weapons.


Reset Fate (Requirements: Fated Character): Shuffle Discard and Twist Decks together at the end of Dramatic Time.


Riposte (Requirements: +3 Melee): Gain a Defensive Trigger to that allows you to strike back when an enemy fails and you are wielding a blade weapon.


Rush (Requirements: +1 Speed): Gain more Charge. It can be taken multiple times.


Rust n’ Oils (Requirements: +3 Alchemistry/+2 Engineering): May make potions that affect Constructs instead of Living characters.


Sadistic Streak (Requirements: None): Deal damage to a subordinate to push them around.


Scoundrel (Requirements: None): Gain a Trigger to Social Skills that will allow you to make a Pick Pocket attack.


Self Sufficient (Requirements: -2 Charm): Gain Willpower, but lose the ability to help others.


Shambling Gait (Requirements: Stitched/-2 Speed): Gain a huge bonus to Physical or Mental Bonuses, but permanently have Slow.


Shot Studies (Requirements: +3 Shotgun): Can shoot farther with a shotgun if Focused.


Shove Aside (Requirements: +1 Might): Move through people shorter than you.


Shrug Off (Requirements: -1 Resilience or Ortega Station): Discard a card to remove a condition.


Simple Logic (Requirements: -1 Intellect): Gain bonuses to resisting Bewitch, Convince, and Deceive Duels.


Skill Mastery (Requirements: Fated Mastery): Gain a bonus to a Skill during Challenge Duel.


Slow Learner (Requirements: -1 Intellect): Gain an Aspect, but let the Fatemaster choose what you advance. Mwhahahaha.


Specialized Skill (Requirements: Fated Character): Skill gains a Suit of your choice. It can be taken multiple times but must choose a different Skill each time.


Specialized Toxins (Requirements: +2 Alchemistry): Pick a characteristic (Living, Undead, etc.)


Spelunker (Requirements: None): Gain bonus to Navigation, Track, and Wilderness Duels. You are immune to the Claustrophobia condition.


Spiritual Sensitivity (Requirements: Character Must Fail an Unconscious Challenge while at Negative Wounds): Gain an Ability to become aware of any Spirits (including invisible or hidden spirits).


Steel Wall (Requirements: Invested Character): Gain Armor and provide Cover if you don’t move.


Street Fighter (Requirements: +3 Pugilism): Gain a Defensive Trigger to that allows you to strike back when an enemy fails and you are wielding no weapons.


Stubborn (Requirements: +2 Tenacity): Gain bonuses to all Willpower duels, but negatives on Convince duels.


Sturdy (Requirements: -1 Grace): Gain a Wound.


Sure-Footed (Requirements: -1 Speed): Get pushed around less.


Swagger (Requirements: -1 Speed): Gain defensive bonus for only walking.


Sycophant (Requirements: +2 Charm): Gain a follower!


Taskmaster (Requirements: +3 Flexible): Help your friends with non-Social Skill Challenges by whipping them.


Threading the Needle (Requirements: +3 Archery): Ignore other characters for determining Line of Sight and randomizing when shooting into engagements with archery weapons.


Torso Modifications (Requirements: Invested Character): You can change out your torso for different effects.


Touched by the Grave Spirit (Requirements: Character has Died or been at -10 Wounds): Heal some damage when you fall unconscious.


Tough as Nails (Requirements: +2 Resilience): Give a Negative to Critical Effect Flips against the character.


Twisted Fates (Requirements: Fated Character): Increase or decrease a card in your Twist deck by 1.


Twisted Mind (Requirements: None): Gain Trigger to your Willpower that will deal damage if you succeed.


Unassuming (Requirements: -1 Might): Gain bonus to avoid being noticed in a group or angering someone.


Unceasing (Requirements: -2 Speed): Discard a card for extra movement.


Undermine Confidence (Requirements: +1 Resilience): Gain a bonus to Intimidate Duels in Narrative Time.


Unequaled Accuracy (Requirements: +2 in Chosen Skill): Do not randomize when shooting into an engagement.


Unimpeded (Requirements: +1 Grace): Ignore terrain penalties.


Wall of Muscle (Requirements: +1 Resilience): Increase Height to 3. Gain a longer range for Close Combat Skills.


Warding Gestures (Requirements: -2 Resilience): Reduce damage by discarding a card.


Well-Preserved (Requirements: Stitched/+1Charm): It becomes harder to tell that you are undead.


Will of Ages (Requirements: +1 Tenacity): Make Counter-Spelling able to protect more people.


Note about Requirements: It is only the minimums that are covered. So, if it is +1 Charm, then Charm 2 will qualify. Likewise, if it is -1 Charm,  -2 Charm will work. Invested are robots and Stitched are undead.

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Magic is used by casting Magica that can be combined with Immuto. For example, you can cast Invisibility by itself or combine it with Focus Object to lower the TN. Multiple Immutos can be used. For example, you can Elemental Projectile and combine it with Water, Blast, and Increased Damage to make a standard Elemental Projectile have the water effect, gives it blasts to (if you flip the damage high enough) cause harm to those near the target, and have more damage.


Note: Once someone gains a spell or Manifested Power, they must choose a Magic Theory. Magic theories can have multiple varations.






Elemental Engulf (Tenacity): Set your opponent on [Insert Element].


Elemental Projectile (Intellect): Shoot your opponent with [Insert Element].


Elemental Retribution (Tenacity): Hurt your enemies by being near them or make them suffer more if you are seriously hurt with [Insert Element].


Elemental Strike (Intellect): Power your punches with [Insert Element].


Obscuration (Intellect): Create an area of a soft cover.


Elemental Engulf (Intellect): Cause a Pillar to rise up with a bonus if you add an Element to it.


Telekinetic Movement (Tenacity): Move things with your mind (and yes, you can attack with the weapon).


Telekinetic Push (Intellect): Shove people with your mind.


Shield (Tenacity): Give yourself Armor.


Sleep (Tenacity): Put Living creatures to sleep.


Summon Beast (Intellect): Summon a Beast (GM Note: I reserve the right to deny certain Henchman and Master Beasts despite the spell having no such restriction).


Summon Gamin (Intellect): Summon a/n [Insert Element] Gamin, magic creatures made up of their element.


Wrench (Tenacity): Cause a Critical Effect in Living Creatures.




Animate Construct (Charm): Target Construct comes to life under your control.


Animate Limb (Charm): Target limb comes to life.


Berserk Fury (Cunning): Target gains 1 AP for a Close Combat Attack. If 3 or more Close Combat attacks are made, the target suffers some damage.


Disassemble Creation (Cunning): Target Construct or Undead suffers damage ignoring Armor and hard to Wound.


Elemental Weapon (Cunning): Weapon gains the effect of [Insert Element].


Heal (Cunning): Heal yourself or someone else.


Mend Critical (Cunning): Remove an effect (must a Critical Effect or from a non-magical effect).


Mend Flesh (Cunning): Living creature gains Regeneration +1.


Mental Enhancement (Charm): Increase your Mental Aspects for 1 hour.


Physical Enhancement (Charm): Increase your Physical Aspects for 1 hour.


Reckless Advance (Cunning): Allow a target to suffer damage to take a Charge as a 1 AP Action instead of a 2 AP Action.


Shapeshift (Cunning): Turn yourself into a Beast.


Unnatural Shifting (Cunning): Part of the target’s body changes into a Beast.




Beckon (Charm): Target must move its Walk and end as close to the caster as possible.


Bury (Tenacity): Remove target from reality. Target will reappear at the End of the Turn next to the caster.


Cadaver Mask (Charm): Remove the face of a corpse to gain its appearance and voice.


Drain Life (Tenacity): Living target suffers gain and the caster heals the same amount.


Forget (Charm): Force target to permanently forget something that recently happened.


Interrogate (Tenacity): Force target to answer a yes-or-no question.


Mind Control (Charm): Force target take an action of your choice (you may not cause target to sacrifice themselves directly).


Raise Undead (Charm): Raise a zombie from the dead or take control a non-sentient uncontrolled undead. When the spell ends, zombies will become uncontrolled and violent.


Self-Harm (Charm): Cause opponent to attack themselves with their own weapon.


Subsume Corpse (Tenacity): Turn a corpse into dust and make healing flip.


Terrifying Aura (Tenacity): Gain an aura that forces living creatures to make Horror Duel.


Touch of the Grave (Tenacity): Target suffers damage and gains a condition that will cause them to suffer additional damage when they suffer damage.


Vengeful Guardian (Intellect): Target gains a condition that will cause them to take additional damage from a ranged attack.


Weaken (Charm): All of the target’s Physical Aspects are lowered.




Conjuring (Cunning): Summon a prepared item.


Divination (Cunning): Spy on a location.


Float (Intellect): Cause target to float.


Gravity Flux (Tenacity): Target may move or be moved. If flying, they take damage when they hit the ground.


Improved Fate (Cunning): Gain a bonus to all Skill Challenges for a turn.


Invisibility (Cunning): Turn someone invisible.


Occultation (Intellect): Target gains the ability to reduce damage steps (example: Sever become Moderate).


Parlor Tricks (Intellect): Choose a minor illusionary trick from a list.


Phantasm (Intellect): Create a realistic illusion.


Phantasmal Weapon (Cunning): Target weapon can target Willpower instead Defense.


Teleport (Intellect): Teleport yourself, someone, or something else.


Vortex (Intellect): Cause a gravitational pull that will draw in characters and loose items.






Alternative Resistance (Increase TN): Change whether the spell targets Defense or Willpower.


Blast (Increase TN): Add Blasts to your Magic.


Combined Spell (Increased TN): Combine two spells (must follow restrictions).


Delay (Increase TN): Cast a spell, but cause its effects to happen later.


Ignore Caster (Increase TN): Spell effects do not affect caster.


Focus Object (Decrease TN): Use an object as a focus to cast your magic. The decrease depends on size and rarity of object.




Additional Suit (Decrease TN): Add a suit requirement to spell.


Alter Range (Increase/Decrease TN): The caster increase TN to increase range. The caster can decrease TN to decrease range.


Increase AP (Decrease TN): Increase AP used for a spell.


Increased Damage (Increase TN): Increase the damage level of a spell.


Increase Pulse (Increase TN): Increase Pulse range and resist TN.


Increase Resistance (Increase TN): Increase the resist TN of the Spell.


Increased Severity (Increase TN): Increase the Severe damage of the damage track or static damage.


Pulse (Increase TN): Add a Pulse affect to the spell.


Reduce AP (Increase TN): Decrease AP used for a spell.


Reduce Damage (Decrease TN): Decrease the damage track used.


Reduce Resistance (Decrease TN): Decrease the resist TN of the Spell.


Reduce Severity (Decrease TN): Spells that deal a set amount of damage deal no damage. All other effects still happen including those that only happen when damage is dealt.


Selective Targeting (Increase TN): Only affect those the caster wants to affect.




Darkness (Increase TN): Add Darkness to the spell.


Decay (Increase TN): Add Decay to the spell.


Electric (Increase TN): Add Electric to the spell.


Fire (Increase TN): Add Fire to the spell.


Ice (Increase TN): Add Ice to the spell.


Infected (Increase TN): Add Infected to the spell.


Light (Increase TN): Add Light to the spell.


Natural (Increase TN): Add Natural to the spell.


Poison (Increase TN): Add Poison to the spell.


Spirit (Increase TN): Add Spirit to the spell.


Terror (Increase TN): Add Terror to the spell.


Water (Increase TN): Add Water to the spell.


Wind (Increase TN): Add Wind to the spell.




Note: All Genus Immutos can increase or decrease the TN. They can add the listed type to the legal targets which will increase the TN. They can make the spell only legally target the listed type which will decrease the TN.
















Magic Theory


The Oxford Method


This is what people think of when they think of wizards. Students from Oxford often use things like wands, runes, and stave. This is one of the two legal Magic Theories.


The Oxford Method Talent: The character increases AP of the spell, but gains a bonus of spells that are 2 or AP.


The Refined Oxford Method Talent: The character may choose to increase AP to add a suit of their choice.


The Whisper


You hear voices. Unfortunately, you’re not crazy. They teach you the dark secrets of Necromancy.


The Whisper Talent: The character gains bonus to all Necromancy Duels. But the craziness it causes penalties to all Intellect duels.


The Murmur Talent: The character may add Immuto they do not have in a Grimoire. This will increase TN. When adding Immuto, the character will take damage equal to the amount of Immutos added.


The Darlin Theories


The Darlin Theories take an almost scientific approach to magic.


The Darlin Theories Talent: The character must use a pneumatic device to focus their spells. This will lower TN and can stack with the Focus Object Immuto.


The Cutting Edge Research Talent: The character gains extra points when creating a Cobbled or Construct. Unfortunately, their research leaves them little time for social interactions causing them to suffer a penalty to all Social duels.


The Court Procedure


The Court Procedure is a set of magical laws that revolve around the Gates of Power. The users of the Court Procedure are often ambitious as the method both encourages and punishes casters to break its own rules.


The Court Procedure Talent: The character increases the TN of spells targeting Defense, but decreases the TN of spells that target Willpower.


Due Process Talent: The character may increase the TN to lower the amount of AP the spell takes. The character may never may use more than one Immuto, including multiple uses of the same Immuto.



Thalarian Doctrine


The officially Guild endorsed Magic Theory. The idea is that magic is to be used for the common good. Enchantment is supposed to be used exclusively. This is one of the two legal Magic Theories.


The Thalarian Doctrine Talent: The character may not increase Sorcery, Necromancy, or Prestidigitation Skills above 3 (and must lower them to 3 if they are above) without a special dispensation of the Guild. The character gains bonuses against anyone who does not have the Thalarian Doctrine.


The Special Allowances Talent: The character gains a bonus to Counter-Spelling and takes less damage from spells and Manifested Powers. The character chooses a Magia. Any other Magia cast by the character will have an increased TN.


The Balanced Five


Coming from the Three Kingdoms (Japan, China, and Vietnam united as one country), this theory is about finding harmony among the 5 elements.


The Balanced Talent: The character may add two Elemental Immutos instead of just one to a spell. The character may not have a Counter-Spelling than Tenacity.


The Sixth Element Talent: The character may flip second card to add its value to the duel total when using a Soulstone or Soulstone dust. When not using a Soulstone or Soulstone Dust, all spells have an increased TN.


Hedge Magic


Hedge Magic makes no sense. Each one is entirely unique and seems only to work for that caster. Often practitioners come off as insane (because many of them are). They cannot teach others or write down their ways without things going wrong.


Hedge Magic Talent: The character chooses an Elemental or Genus Immuto. This Immuto is always active and must be applied to all spells. It will never increase TN but can still lower it.


Personal Theory Talent: The character gains no bonuses or penalties.


Tradition Magic


Although magic was rare before the Breach was opened, it still existed. Tradition Magic is a style that is taught by and passed down family lines.


Tradition Magic Talent: The character will pick one of the listed pairs of spells. Pick one to gain a bonus in. The other one cannot be raised above 1.


Fragments of the Past Talent: The character cannot add or remove suits to their spells, but gain a bonus to the cast.

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On 21/9/2016 at 3:15 AM, Parker Barrows said:

Nephilim Hunter (Nephilim Bane): You have been taught the secret Nephilim hunting techniques of [REDACTED]. You are now the bane of the Nephilim, one of the most common and dangerous Neverborn.

Rampager (Unbridled Rage): You have been corrupted by a [REDACTED]. While many recovered, it left a piece out of itself in your soul. Now you can harness that rage on your enemies.

Autumn Knight (Queen’s Servant): You have been chosen to serve Titania, the Queen of the Neverborn, to serve her for all of eternity. It could have been worse. It could have been much worse.

Sorry about asking, but I wanted to know, are theese the Into the Bayou advanced pursuits?

Do Shapeshifters need some complex prerequisites? Does it make them "auto order of the chimera" people? Does it make them magical users?

Thank you!

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On 10/8/2017 at 9:16 AM, DarkSpade said:

Don't forget, the crossroads tarot also gives the most free to spend points at the end.

If I understood it correctly, Into the Bayou's tarot does allow for human characters.  Just with a bit more backwoods flavor than other tarots.

It's pretty much just for Gremlins, save for human characters who flipped the Black Joker (i.e., raised by Gremlins) on the Cross Roads Tarot.

The other options, though, such as the pursuits, talents, and magia, are available to non-Gremlin characters.

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Thank you for this! I used this as a quick cheatsheet for my players and it has helped SO much!!


I also added this text, not sure if it would be useful to others:

1) Determine Initiative :Make an initiative flip from the Fate Deck and Add your Speed Aspect and Notice Skill
2) Start Turn Effects (Resolve any effects)
3) Determine General Action Points (AP)
         Each character receives 2 AP
         Some game effects may increase or decrease AP
4) Take Actions
          Spend AP and resolve action
          Every action requires a number of AP (Appear in parenthesis by the number of AP)
          Some talents grant additional AP, and can be spent only on Actions associated with the description
5) End Turn Effects (Resolve any effects)

Combat Actions

Charge (2 AP): Charge directly towards the target, then take two strike Actions. Each  Action must have an AP cost of 1.

Strike (1 AP): Performs a single attack (either ranged or melee).

Tactical Actions

Defensive Stance (#): The character may discard a card to gain +Def (equal to the AP spent on this Action) until the start of its next.

Focus (1 AP): Gain +Card to next (non-Focus) Action and any resulting Damage Flip. Action stacks (up to a total of +++). 

Impose (1 AP): Draw attention of target. Make Social Test (usually Intimidate) against target's (Tenacity + Scrutiny). Successful, the target suffers “-” (plus an additional ”-” for every Margin of Success). 

Trick (1 AP): Deception or misdirection to gain an advantage. Make skill Challenge (such as Deceive or Sleight of Hand) against target's Cunning + Awareness. Success, gain a + to  melee or ranged attack Actions and Damage Flips until the start of the your next turn. You gain + to Defense against  target until next turn. 

Reload (#): Reload is listed as a value for AP. A reload Action may take more AP than the character has, in which case they may wish to take another Reload Action during their next turn. 

Movement Actions

Drop Prone (1 AP): Gain + to Defense challenges against Ranged and - to Defense  against Melee. 

Run (2 AP): Move up to twice Walk speed plus his Athletics skill (in yards)

TN of target = Def + Will + Rank (Fatemaster Reveals TN)
ACTING VALUE -> Attackers Aspect + Weapon/SP Skill
Modifiers: Calculate by adding any “+” or “-” (These will determine how many cards you take, and which values you can choose)
Flip cards & apply modifiers
RESULTS: If hit, perform Damage Flip

TN of attack = Aspect + Combat Skill + Rank (Fatemaster Reveals)
ACTING VALUE -> Defense (Melee/Range), Willpower (Magic)
Modifiers: Calculate by adding any “+” or “-” (These will determine how many cards you take, and which values you can choose)
Flip cards & apply modifiers
RESULTS: If Defense fails, perform Damage Flip
[Note: Horror Duel: Against Will Power, see p 219 for effects]

When damage is done it’s presented as a 1/2/3 (Weak/Moderate/Severe damage). How much damage is dealt is determined with a Damage Flip.

Each character has a Wounds Aspect (total damage taken before serious consequences). When suffering damage, Wounds Aspect is lowered by a value of damage. 0 or fewer current Wounds & character suffers a Critical Effect. Damage can be healed.

Modifiers: Margins of Success + Damage + Accuracy
Flip cards & apply modifiers (+, Fated picks damage; - Defender, Black Joker is always chosen)
Cheat Fate (Optional)
Apply Damage

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On 10/9/2017 at 8:09 PM, CrazyCatLadeh said:

Combat Actions

Charge (2 AP): Charge directly towards the target, then take two strike Actions. Each  Action must have an AP cost of 1.

Strike (1 AP): Performs a single attack (either ranged or melee).

Just to be clear, by default you can take two (1) AP *melee* actions after a charge, not two strike actions. :)

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