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Tara's current Status


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I'm planning on rotating Tara through my three masters I generally go to so I'll need to add complete thoughts after. In my eyes especially in my meta with a prevalence of Ressurs and resulting the Carrion Emissary Aionus is extremely valuable. Tara is probably the best master to take Aionus so that's pretty much that. I haven't played the Scion yet but I thonk that she could be pretty solid. Especially as her borrowed attack has two innate triggers which both at pretty great! There are a couple schemes and strats that Tara really excels in so I'm anxious to test those out as well.

I would definitely do your research regarding the bury interactions. This is especially relevant to Glimpse the Void as you cannot bury with it if you already have a model buried. The notable exception to this is with the Nothing Beast's Void Shield Upgrade which allows you to bury an additional friendly. I think the Scion is interesting but I do think that Tara wants a heavy beater in her lists or a model that can roadblock or tarpit like potentially Montressor. She is an overall underplayed master so you will likely have the Dark Horse factor going for you in your games.

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