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H: lots of Arcanists and a few others listed inside. W:Ten Thunders pref ShenLong or $$


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Hello I have quite a few models for sale or trade here they are listed by Faction kind of. 

Most of the stuff I either fielded once or not at all most are painted from when I was pretty hardcore into it.



Marcus Crew (Painted)

1 extra  Razorspine Rattlers (Painted)

Molemen (In Box)

Metal Ramos Crew Old School and Alt Ramos (Based and Assembled)

Plastic Ramos Crew (Assembled) 

Lots Of Arachnids (Assembled)

Rail Golem (Assembled)

Willie (Painted)

Not Arcanists:::

Doppelgänger (In Box)

Alt Perdita (In Box)

Metal Bishop (Painted)

Metal Rogue Necromancer (Assembled/ Base coat) 


I would prefer $$$ through PayPal or Venmo also whatever is easiest for the buyer

I am about to make a big move to the West Coast from the Boston Area so I would love for these models to find a great home.


I also would be willing to trade for

Shen Long crew box, Shadow Emmisary, Samurai, Lone Swordsman, Ten Thunder Brothers, Komainu, Izamu, Yin, Snipers etc...

Honestly I am willing to trade for just about all Ten Thunders good with ether Shen Long (if I get him) or my Mei Feng. 


My my twitter is @shuadavis and if you would like to email me with inquiries shuadavis@yahoo.com is perfect I'd be shipping out of Maine or Boston depending on where I am at the time. Thanks and I look forward to my models going to someone who loves Malifaux. 


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