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Captain Black

Airbrush recommendations please

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I bought a Paasche Talon and I'm very happy with it.  I'm not expert, but from what I read its a very good all around airbrush, good for base coating and fine detail.  For around $100 its considered my many a very good buy.  It has all three qualities I consider essential for an airbrush for mini's:

Internal Mix - The paint and air mix before exiting the tip.  Some brushes have the paint just kind of pulled along from the outside as the air exits the tip.

Gravity Fed - The paint pot is on top of the air brush.  The one with the bottle on the bottom use a LOT more paint, are much more work to set up and you have to run them at higher PSI to pull the paint up the feed tube.  They are better suite for base coating display board and such.

Dual Action - Pushing down on the button releases air, pulling back on the button releases paint.  You can release just air then slowly allow the paint to start flowing and control the amount of paint being released.  Essential if you want to do fine detail rather than just base coating.  Single action brushes are basically on or off, with little to no control over paint flow.

I would also seriously consider your compressor.  Some airbrush "experts" say they would rather use a good compressor and bad brush than vice versa.  You can get a good one for $100 or less. What I would look for in a compressor is:

Quiet - No louder than about 55 Db.

Auto Shut-off - It turns off automatically when the tank if full.

Tank - Most important of all it has an air tank.  The tank does several things.  It hold air so you can spay faster than your compressor can put out air, at least for a bit.  Since it is a tank the air comes out at a consistent rate.  If you don't have a tank the air can come out in pulses as the compressor diaphragm works back and forth pumping air, so your flow will go up and down slightly.  Lastly it gives the air a chance to cool.  If your compressor is working hard it will heat up this can heat the air it is compressing and that can make your paint dry before it get to your model.

Regulator - Almost as important as the tank is the regulator you probably to be able to vary your air pressure.  A regulator lets you dial the air pressure you want and most double as a moisture trap to keep water from getting into your paint and causing it to spatter.  If You find a compressor you like that doesn't have a compressor you can add on after market.


These are what I have:

Compressor - No review I just got it and haven't even used it yet.  Note the air output and the input on my airbrush hose are different sizes, so I need an adapter.  I've ordered one from Paasche, but I'm not linking it since I haven't got it yet and can't say for sure I picked the correct one. :)

Airbrush - This is more or less what I have.  Mine is a Paasche Talon, but I got it years ago and can't say for sure this isn't a slightly different model or has changed since then.


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Many thanks for the feedback Deathtrout. 

I have another thread that asked the same question on a different section of the forum. 

Admin request: Please delete this thread as the double thread may cause confusion.



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