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Beacon of Knowlage

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Every time I see this post my eyes misread the title as "Bacon of Knowledge"

Now I must resist the urge to do bacon conversions of this box set, with the magical streamers redone as strips of bacon, clothing with bacon freehand, and pig parts added to the imp devil scorpion things.

Keep up the good work. Good contrast, and the devil things turned out well. Two quick bits of advice:

- There is never any red in flames. You'll see white, yellow, and orange, but never red. http://hot-lead.org/advance/fire_theory.htm

- You should consider revisiting the blue robes on the girl (sorry, I don't know the names of miniatures) so that there's a much darker blue for the shading, and an even darker blue yet separating the different areas of blue cloth, like where they cross over her chest, and where the headdress overlaps the skirt.

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