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Dreamer Damage before Chompy pops out?





Dreamer is at Waking Condition 3 with Restless Dreamers/Tantrum upgrades

He shoots a model, raising his Waking to 4

The model he attacks has a Trigger that does 4 damage to the target that damaged it

Both Chompy Summoning and the Damage Trigger hurting Dreamer happen "After resolving damage"


Option A:  Dreamer takes the damage, then Chompy pops out

Option B:  Active player chooses whether to have Dreamer take damage first or Chompy Summoning to go off first

Option C:  Chompy pops out, then takes 4 damage--no choice by any player




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In this case the timing would be important.  If the trigger damage kills the dreamer,  Chompy would not be summoned.    As a note, if the dreamer dies while buried, Chompy not be able to unbury the dreamer.

Since the trigger is not from a Sh or MI,  I would not shoot that model with the dreamer.   He will take full damage.

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