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Divergent Paths - Global Event


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14 minutes ago, retnab said:

On a note about the rules though, I can't remember if this has been answered before or not.  Do the models go to the faction who wins the most games overall for them, or the most rounds?  Now that the Man has been won by the Arcanists for 3 rounds, is he basically guaranteed to be an Arcanist model in the future?

Overall score.  So even though Arcanist have won 3 weeks, if Guild was a close second each time and wins big this week, they could still steal him.

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That's the plan! ;)...I mean, it might be possible.

The trickster's scenario which scatters 'disguised' everywhere will be completely uninteresting in my meta (we took 'sophisticated masters never use their own feet' and extended it to our beaters), but I'm interested in hearing how it turns out in play groups that use charges and/or Killjoy often.

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