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Tournament 9/17 Carrollton, TX


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In the bayou south of Malifaux City, there's only one rule: the strongest rules.  And who is the strongest?  The one with the biggest hat.  

"Bigger Hat Than You"
Malifaux Tournament
Saturday, September 17th

Gaining Grounds Tournament 

Fixed Faction

Registration: 10am
Start: 11am
Rounds: 2 hours
Entry: FREE!
Painting Requirement: You must play 1 game with a painted crew to satisfy the painting requirement (see Gaining Grounds).  You may play with unpainted models, but you will not be eligible for prizes.  Except Guilders, everybody gets Guilders! 
Proxies: Proxies are allowed for unreleased models.

Game 1
Strategy: Guard the Stash
Deployment: Corner
Schemes: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage

Game 2
Strategy: Turf War
Deployment: Standard
Schemes: Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Exhaust Their Forces, Public Demonstration, Inspection

Game 3
Strategy: Reckoning
Deployment: Flank
Schemes: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Hunting Party, Detonate the Charges, Occupy Their Turf

Hats encouraged.  Best hat gets a prize. 

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