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Somer with pigs- what would it look like?

Anung Un Rama

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4 hours ago, Morgy said:

I must admit I like Somer and I was going to get his box for access to Lenny for my Ulix crew. This got me thinking that I would like to run a Somer crew heavy with pigs. Now I know piglets work with him but what about some of the big pigs? I love the War pig!

Old Major is good with Somer since Bigger Hat gives Reactivate. Also, Saddle to give Somer a ride.

And the new Upgrade makes War Pig an OK choice for hiring. Hog Whisperer can give it Reactivate though the Upgrade works only for one activation so if you want to maximize that, you could use Sparks to give it Fast (not sure whether this is really worth it, though).

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Definitely agree with the Old Major and Hog Whisperer recommendations. The Gremlin Taxidermist is worth a look for Flight, which can be amazing if you regularly play on boards near the high end of the terrain recommendation range.

As for the rest of the crew, well I rarely run Som'er without at least the option of summoning Bayou Gremlins. My list would look something like:

Som'er Teeth Jones


-Family Tree

Old Major

-Corn Husks



-I'll Love It and Pet It

Slop Hauler

Hog Whisperer



Bayou Gremlin

Bayou Gremlin

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