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Prices for good and services, plus wages


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I started by looking in a Sears catalog from 1909 (I think that was the year), and it was really fascinating. I added some items and tried to match prices to Malifaux. I find some players really like extra price charts, while others are indifferent, so mileage may vary. 

I did a little research on wages from 1890-1920 to get a feel for what folks made doing varies jobs and again, I tired to balance things with Malifaux.  The lives of the child factory workers were super messed up, and Malifaux is exempt from all those pesky Earthside labor laws. Anyway, I appreciate feedback of most any sort, but please do point out any glaring errors or oversights if you will. Thanks in advance.


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This would be fun to do as a catalog of current pricing and classified ads... just time consuming, but fun to pull from old magazines.  I'll have to look at my old National Geographics tonight and sample some images too.  Oh wait... I have Malifaux books coming in tonight... CONFLICT!

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