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H: Malifaux Metals (and other stuff) W: Various


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I have quite a few things I am trying to get rid of. Here is a list of some of it (added link to pictures in post below, too big for this site):

Malifaux (All are fully painted and include base toppers as pictured)

• Resserectionists
o Dead Rider (Metal)

• Outcasts
o Desperate Mercenary (Metal)



• Orks (All models are painted and flocked)
o 9x Killa Kans (Metal)
o 2x Deff Dreads (Metal)
o 2x Big Meks (Metal)
o 31x Ork Boyz
o 3x Ork Nobz
o 2x Trukks
o 1x Battle Wagon
o 24x Lootas
o 2x Mek Boyz

• Imperial Guard
o Command Squad (Metal)


• Menoth
o Guardian (Metal)
o Crusader (Metal)
o Keross (Metal)
o Revenger (Metal)
o Choir Leader (Metal, missing staff top)
o Vanquisher
o 5x Cinerators
o Keross (Plastic)
o Repentor


Warhammer Fantasy

  • Warriors of Chaos
    • 1x Limited Edition Games Day Exclusive Archaon on foot (Metal)
    • 1x Tzeentch Hero (Metal)
    • 1x Nurgle Hero (Metal)
    • 1x Prince Sigvald the Magnificent (Metal)
    • 1x Khrone Lord on Juggernaut (Metal)
    • 1x Demon Prince
    • 78x built Chaos Warriors (Range from primed to painted. Painted ones are in reds, blues, or purples).
    • 10x Chosen (Metal) (Painted in greens).
    • 2x Chaos Chariots (Partially built so that painting is easier).
    • 6x Dragon Ogres
    • 3x Skullcrusher Knights
    • 1x Mutalith Vortex Beast
    • 15x Chaos Knights
    • 2x Chimeras
    • 2x Gorebeasts
    • Additional unbuilt warriors.

• Dark Elves
o 2x Hydras (Metal, missing bases)
o 4x Handlers (Metal)
o 28x Repeater Crossbows)
o Shield Sprues


• Vampires
o Nagash (Metal)
o 8x Fell Bats (Metal, most need flight pegs and bases)


As far as things I am after:

Number 1 would be money. I am willing to let this stuff got for cheap (at least half msrp).

However there are also a few things from various games I am after.

Circle of Orborus:
Circle Battlegroup Starter Box (Mk3)

Legion of Everblight:
A few things. Let me know what you have.

Age of Sigmar:
Knight Azyros


Reva box

Parker Barrows Box
Wandering River Monks
Mounted Guard
Master Queeg

I also have this listed on Barter Town (with quite a few more items) and would prefer to do the trade there if possible (more record keeping, plus trade track records, building personal reputation). http://www.bartertown.com/trading/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=283437&p=510542#p510542

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