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This one was difficult. First the assembly: 20 tiny bits. Coming from GW its like a smith doing brain surgery. And the Necrotic Machine was the model I liked the least in the Molly box. I just couldn't get a feeling for this model. I searched the internet for inspiration, but I found only few well painted Pontos. All of them just some metallics and a wash - and most of them the old model. At least I found a model in this forum, painted in more bright colours. So I had the idea of a machine made of bones. And I wanted to make it look disgusting.

If you got nothing to loose, its easy to start. First I tried some wet-in-wet blending. It turned out ok, but not quite the look I imagined. I thought smooth blending would be too much of work, so I thought of something else (how wrong I have been...). Instead of blending, I painted A LOT of small brushstrokes for a bony look. THIS took time! But I liked how it turned out. And with all the time spent with the model I started to like it more and more.

The rest was mud, blood and maggots and at last I'm very happy with this model.

20 hours for 2 points - I guess me and army painting would never worked out... :D




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1 hour ago, Averlorn said:

Looking fantastic! May I ask you how you could get that blue effect on the crooligans?

What blue effect? You mean the clothes?

Painted with Scale 75 Colors:

Basecolor: Caspian Blue 07

Shadows: Abysal Blue 08 Flat Blck 00

Highlights: Bering Blue 06, Arctic Blue 05

All the colors mixed beginning with the basecolor and more and more into the shadows/lights with blending techniques.

Maybe there's a littte Black Leather 32 mixed in the shadows too. This is the color wich I mix in most of the other colors to bend them all together.

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@ Mister Feral: there're some on the Crooligan's an Punk Zombie bases too. ;)

@ redbadger84: the bases, lamppost, rats, skulls and bottles are from tabletop arts. The mud ist mud from my garden. The maggots are caraway and cumin.

@ Burnin' Coal: Wow! Best comment to read on a monday morning! ^_^ Next one will be Molly. After that terrain for a while.


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Thanks for your comment. ^_^

I think its a bit of both: painting and picture. The face definately looks better than shown on the picture. But with the arm in front of it, it wasn't easy to paint. Coming from GW I still struggle a bit with the fine detail and small faces of Malifaux miniatures too.

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