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Hello all,

after a long hiatus I'm willing to play this game again...unfortunately I cannot play in my local store every week but maybe VASSAL can be a good option.

I live in Italy, night time (21:30 onwards GMT time).

I have about 10 games under my belt therefore I'm happy to play against anyone :)

Thanks in advance!


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Not sure about every so often as I can't really pin down a dedicate schedule, but if you ever just want to get a game in sometime you can always try me for vassal. I'm in Central US time zone (so 7 hours behind your current time). I'm off for the next week from work for vacation and typically off on Mondays and Tuesdays every week.

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Great battle yesterday night with @Bazlord_Prime, I really enjoyed the game thanks!

I still looking for another opponent to play every so often :)

Thanks @Alessandro!  Yep - had a great game, and definitely learned a thing or two about the crew I'll be running with this weekend.  Still not sure what to do with those Wild Boars though!  

You'll enjoy this - our first opponent for the Tag Team matches has been revealed: it's Hamelin & Rusty Alyce.  Soooo...expecting lots of Rats, Abominations, and maybe even a Desolation Engine and/or a Killjoy bomb...yikes.

Catch you next Tuesday/Wednesday!

P.S. did we agree to run Gaining Grounds 2016? I can't remember. Will need to familiarise myself with them.

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