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Anyone thought of making Zipp's Airship?


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53 minutes ago, Omenbringer said:

Their was a thread about that very thing a few weeks ago when Zipp was announced publicly. The thread is here.

Hmm well its in the wrong area, it should have been in the Terrain Talk Forum.


None the less thanks for the link, but as its in the wrong forum I'll keep this one going until that thread is moved over here :)

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Okay I came up with some ideas where one could start.


1,5 l to 2 l soda bottles which could be used as zeppelin balloon, naturally some things have to be cut off the bottles, and as I don't know the exact type of Airship Zipp has there are to many option but this idea will be based of as it would be a zeppelin, there is also the option of one of the zeppelins from Titan Forge which should/could make it possble to skip the preparation on the soda bottles as they wouldn't be needed, but the soda bottles would be the more cheaper option, especially if you want to have 2 zeppelin balloons.


The crew area could be as simple as a cardboard box where there would have been cut some windows and a door, glue some thine clear plastic on the window holes and then glue some cardboard with windows and a door cut out in it to fit the windows and the door in the cardboard box, that would be the crew area, I'll see if I can make a sketch of this, I can't make any promises that it would any more sense then what I have written :)

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I made large hot air balloons for my ogre scraplaunchers a few years back, by making the base plate out of solid lead and using 2mm welding rod as the anchor rope it meant I could have them 'floating' a good 24" above the table, you could attempt the same thing here if the zeppelin itself is light enough? 


For a pre-made ship cog-o-two in the UK do a spectacular airship frame in various sizes (this is the biggest http://www.cogotwo.com/kits/large-airship-detail) I used the smallest 40mm size as a prop in my docks factory, it hangs over the door. 

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On ‎12‎-‎08‎-‎2016 at 10:57 AM, Munindk said:

Since the first mate has an anchor, I'd definitely go for the "boat suspended under a balloon" look. In my opinion its a lot more charaterful and piratey than the more modern zeppelin look in your first pic :)

And here's a 28mm scale piano: http://store.warlordgames.com/search?type=product&q=piano

An anchor were still used with the type of zeppelin shown in the picture you mentioned, so no need for having a old sailing ship straped under some balloons, but the Infamy is said to be an experimental airship so I would thing it would be a bit more advanced.

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