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drowned, not sure what to do next


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So when I was looking at the new sylvaneth in age of sigmar I watched a GW painting video on the tree revanents and though i rely liked how they do their spirits, and coincidentally I play jackdaw, who uses a lot of spirits.

So I decided to paint my drowned, hanged, and guilty using their method, with some slight changes and also a challenge to myself.

So I primed the drowned in white, then painted the whole model using ulthuan grey. For the skin I then used  nihilix oxide with a drybrush of white. For the hair I used way watchers glaze followed by coelia green shade.

For the dress I used athonian camo shade, and for the underroos I used seraphin sepia.

That is right, aside from the drybrush and initial undercoat, nothing but glazes, shades, and washes(the oxide is technically a wash). I ran into one problem though, I have absolutely no clue how I should do the chains. I am thinking the easyish way and just painting it in vallejo rust effect or typhus corrosion.


Anyways what do you think?


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Looks nice and ghosty! Simple but effective.

For rusty metal I tend to paint them brown/orangey and then a very small drybrush of sliver... not sure if that would work on small chains so I'd probably go with silver and then a rust type shade like you suggest.

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