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The Queen revealed


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I think her upgrade that makes you attack her or dump two cards is critical to making people deal with her. Especially in you can combo in Wrath or another model that punishes you for not attacking it. And to be fair with two markers near the target to discard she has min damage 4 on her cast.

I don't see the connection to Ressers either, particularly given the lack of any kind of summoning, but I don't play Ressers so I'm interested in hearing the argument for it. 

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Nothing can be shared, and even those who were play testers cannot even tell you that, from what I've heard. 

I personally think, as a massive generalization that certainly doesn't apply to everyone, that the issue is that Titania is essentially a scheme based resser master that was plopped down in the NB. I play both factions, but I'm not as good with NB. There is, at least to me, a fundamental different way you manage cards and play the master between both factions. I look at Titania and personally see something that is vastly stronger than she should be. But I'm looking at her through a resser lens, and not a comparative NB one. You cannot play Titania like a bog standard NB master and do well with her. You have to play her like a Resser, and you'll do better, I think.


I think that hits the nail on the head. Titania is tottaly different from current neverborn arsenal. It will take some time to get to know all  the tricks. As far as i know and see - the bog standard neverborn models may not work as good with her as with other neverborn masters. I think the Emmisary will be great highlight with her. Give him the generic 0 SS up and he will + all minions withing 4 of him to attack actions (great with knights - as their lure like pull is attack rather then tactical). He will make us of shame markers by pooping out changlings and titania has so much potential with audience action. You can reposition enemy models with placemant not push or move. There are many things that prevent you from beeing moved or pushed but not placed. I could go on. I realy think we need to give her benefit of a doubt and try to think more like ressers when using her.

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Ressers don't all summon, and some of those who do don't even have it as a primary focus of their mechanics. I'll explain more when I have more time, and actual access to my books, as I would hate to say Titania has something or does something I'm misremembering at the moment, and I would hate for someone to try and jump on a rules or mechanic error to try to invalidate my whole point.

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Not speaking of Titi specifically, but factions have a different feel to their play that goes beyond abilities. Neverborn have a very fast playstyle, you are rewarded for being aggressive and forcing your opponents to react (and make mistakes). Rezzers can't do this - what they can do I can't speak on (only ever been an opponent), but I imagine if Titi is appealing as a Rezzer then she has a more reactionary, brick style of play? 

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I've gotten in a number of games with Titania, and my initial conclusion is that (1) she has a completely unique playstyle in the Neverborn, (2) she's very subtle and complex, and (3) she excels at certain objective pools while being poor at others. Essentially, people haven't figured her out yet. I come from the Outcasts, where Tara is one of my main masters. Both Tara and Titania are support masters that don’t really appear to be support masters at first glance. These two masters are AP amplifiers – they can give their crew more AP than they’d normally have and mess with enemy models to reduce the number of useful AP they can get.

Some examples. The Queen has Risen gives movement for 0AP, Deal with Him gives essentially 2 free AP, the heal from My Loyal Subject is equivalent to an AP on other models, and A Wicked Silence drops a scheme marker (1AP) and potentially gives you movement (1AP) in addition to damage.

Because Titania is so tanky, it’s a natural assumption that she should be mired in combat the entire game. However, I find the most success with her when I use her to tarpit key enemy models, especially since Titania can use the Queen Has Risen or the trigger on Wicked Silence to leave engagement if necessary. Audience with the Queen (which doesn’t seem to have much discussion in this thread) is key to this, and is probably one of her best actions along with Bloody Command and its triggers. Here are two examples of cool things I’ve pulled off with those actions that support the “AP amplification” I mentioned.

1. Audience with the Queen pulled in a weak, damaged model, then Bloody Command dealt a little damage, while Deal with Him allowed the Hooded Rider to move ~6” and kill the enemy model to gain the Queen’s Champion. Hooded with Queen’s Champion is pure Brutality.

2. Audience with the Queen pulls in a key enemy model while Teddy was nearby. Smell Fear triggers, allowing Teddy to attack and push the enemy into b2b with a Rougarou, allowing it to get an attack. This takes a little setup, but you get 2 extra AP and a potentially dead enemy model.

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I do really like Audience on paper, although I didn't use it in my one game. I'm glad to hear you seem to be having success with Titania - I really want her to be good. :)

Honestly, I think it's just going to take some time and experimentation. She's not a simple master and her rules have been out for less than a month. I certainly haven't won all my games, and I'm still playing around with crew composition and combos but Titania definitely has potential.

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What crews and combos have worked out well for you so far?

This isn't an exhaustive list or even the best models with Titania, but so far-

Insidious Madnesses seem to work well, because they're great scheme runners and Titania's themed crew has lots of "Lure" effects to bring enemy models into their anti-cheat aura. Stacking "I Can Hear Them" can also make some important actions punch through.

It seems that having a big beater like Teddy, Hooded Rider, or Nekima (haven't tried her yet) works well with The Queen's Champion. Titania can also keep them healed up nicely as well.

I like the Mysterious Emissary a lot, because it combines area denial with the Hungry Land Markers, boosts up some of our strong minions like the Autumn Knights or Illuminated with its vanilla Conflux, and popping out Changelings is always a nice bonus.

I've had some success with Fae models as well. Running 3 of the Autumn Knights doesn't seem to work well, but running 1 or 2 seems strong depending on what you need. So far, I like Claw the best followed by Tooth. As for totems, I haven't tried the Puke Snake, but I would probably run that over the Gorar unless I had some strong, aggressive minions. If I run one or more Autumn Knights, Illuminated, Rougarou, or something similar, I'll often take the Gorar. It can be really demoralizing for the opponent to dump AP into killing a powerful minion only to have it immediately return. The themed crew also has a lot of pushes and places so models with Pounce (Lelu, Baby Kade, Rougarou) work really well with this. I've only used Rougarou so far, but I can see Lelu'Lilitu working well too.

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I could see Nekima with Mimic's Blessing and Malifaux Provides being a rather good beater with The Queen's Champion, as the two new upgrades have some synnergy: The Queen's Champion grants friendly scheme markers on success, and Malifaux Provides let you eat one for healing at the end of the activation. Combined with some regeneration and blood drinking, this might help with the (formerly) large Nephilim's survivability.

Support Nekima with Titania's Behold My Glory for added protection, and buffs/pustule from a Black Blood Shaman. I'd be running this with The Thorn and some tots.

Of course, that'd only be viable in a heavily concentrated Strategy/Scheme game, otherwise you'll have too much SS in the same spot. Might lead to some epic duels though (Archie vs Nekima comes to mind)


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Had my third game with Titania today against Asami...  Think I'm slowly getting the hang of her.

I took:

Titania - 4ss Cache

  • The Queen's Champion
  • Behold My Glory
  • An Audience with the Queen

Primordial Magic
Widow Weaver

  • Retribution's Eye

Baby Kade
Insidious Madness
Mysterious Effigy
Will o' the Wisp

Titania's turns

Turn 1

Titania triple walked on top of the building

Turn 2

Titania activated early in the turn and Beheld My Glory Izamu & Bettari, shutting them out of the turn.  allowing Teddy to Kill Izamu without any reprisal (even Izamu's Warrior's Death didn't work!)  and then tie up Bettari stopping her from charging Titania.

Turn 3

Titania got pulled off the roof by Asami doing 5 falling damage (2 prevented), then 2 more from her Maw, who then A Heavenly Designed away.  Titania gave her an Audience with the Queen then Bloody Command to pull over Teddy with Deal With Him, then did A Wicked Silence getting Teddy to attack again through Smell Fear. 

Model Summery

Titania - Did a lot, used a lot of her tricks.  I think she's designed to be kind of a cross between a support master and debuff master in that she can totally shut people down through Behold My Glory (an auto-take upgrade for me) and also position people with Deal with Them.  Her damage isn't great, but that's not what she is.  Her Scheme trickery also very refreshing.  Audience With The Queen is great for isolating people as you don't really want her taking on the whole enemy crew.  Queen's Champion has been great, didn't get a chance to shine this game as Izamu didn't actually get killed.

Widow Weaver - Her web markers were amazing for getting Titania's Wp tricks to shine.  Paralysed the Jorogumo and an Obsidian Oni, and took a good chunk out Asami.

Teddy, Baby Kade and Wisp - I'll put all of these together. Wisp was great getting Teddy where he wanted by borrowing Kade's Where's Teddy allowing him to do what he does best withont any reprisal thanks to Behold My Glory.  Kade did well, doing what he does.  Teddy's Smell Fear syncs really well with Titania and the Widow Weaver's webs.

Sorrow - didn't get a chance to shine as it died early.  has potential though.

Insidious Madness - turned into a bit of scheme runner, but he's Wp tricks are nice.

Mysterious Effigy - I think this is another auto-take for Titania.  The push really helps her get out of dodge if you over-extend her.

Putting it all together came together nicely.  The big problem is going to be condition removal to get rid of Behold My Glory, but really when isn't that a problem?

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An Audience with the queen is non-Leader. I don't know if I misinterpreted, but as I read it, you used it on Asami, which is not allowed.

But good to read that she can work, and seems quite fun :)

Well, apparently I'm a damn, dirty cheating Git . I'll have to apologise to my opponent. Sucks, cause that could have really changed the game.

On another note, her grace is furious with indignation that it's non-master! How dare those insolent Jerky McJerkfaces refuse her gratuitous offer of an audience! Some people just have no civility or courtly manners. 


Titania can fly. Shouldn't that have prevented the falling damage?

I've always taken the 'while moving' to apply to the whole sentence. Has this been clarified somewhere? 

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A push is a movement, so I would think the only time flight or incorporeal wouldn't work is during a placement, which wouldn't trigger falling damage anyway 

A push is not considered a "move" for rules purposes, this is stated outright on page 43.

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Just out of curiosity can you buy the same upgrade for a model multiple times such as (and my point being Queen's Champion)? I ask this because it isn't limited nor rare X. Because if you can I think The Tooth's challenge of summer would benefit from that and definitely a Teddy. I just woke up so it maybe crazy but I was thinking of buying Queen's Champ 3 times so which if targeting a teddy let all 3 go and though 2 of the abilities on each of those cards are same named and can't stack...Armor +1 does giving a model Armor +3 with Teddy's Regen+2 you would need to do a minimum of 6 damage between activations to even have teddy hold a point of damage after his next activation and each attack would have to do 5 or more to be able to do 2+ wounds per attack other wise it's 6 attacks to get those 6 wounds. Which is a minimum of 3 activations (2 if a master and flurry or 2 flurries) between any of which Titania can attempt to heal Teddy a min of 2-3 wounds.

Or The Tooth can have Armor +4 use her challenge to have the opponent move their charge toward her and both models get a free (1) melee against each other.

Edit: Only weakness is since you are puuting all your eggs in one basket ignoring armor will hurt. And after first kill you can spen 2 SS to hold to of the upgrades and spread them around to 3 models so all three get all the benefits of each card Gifts to my queen plus the activation of Tooth Thorn and Claw can potentially lead up to 6 schemes from Tooth, 3 from Thorn and 2-4 (trigger pending) from Claw So about 11-13 schemes in 3 activations.

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Just out of curiosity can you buy the same upgrade for a model multiple times such as (and my point being Queen's Champion)? I ask this because it isn't limited nor rare X.

Page 90, little Rulebook: "A model may not purchase more than one Upgrade with the same name."

Since Queen's Champion has the restriction Titania and can only be purchased by her, she runs into that one rule when trying to buy more than one.

The Limited rule is geared more towards forcing a choice between one or the other, while Rare is meant to limit presence in the overall crew. So while I could take up to three Recalled Training in my 10T crew, I couldn't put two or three on the same model because of the above rule.

Be thankful that Arcanist crews can't purchase 2x Arcane Reservoir or Seize the Day :P

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