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Grand Malifaux League

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Just passing by to tell you that here in Argentina we've got together almos every gaming group and organized an escalating league using the Shifting Loyalties manual!!!

During this last week of May and first one of June all the players will submit their starting arsenal and we will begin the first round. Each "week" is planned to last two weeks in real time, so every player can make the time to actually play (most of us work a lot, and since we're from different parts of Buenos Aires, sometimes it gets complicated to play)

Stay tunned for photos and some feedback every two weeks, starting June 13!!!!

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So! First mini-update!

The first turn of the campaign is still raging on and a lot of the players have already engaged in therir first game. We're wating for a few that still did not play, until Sunday 26.

Until now a lot of crews have received injuries. Most of the players refuse to use the Strategic Withdrawal and instead they get pretty banged up by the other player. Nevertheless, Scrip is also flowing in, in almost every crew. 

The event that came up for this week is A Lucrative Offer, and I must say that almost every crew seized the opportunity to gain some aditional Scrip. 

Probably, on Monday 27 we will have a LOT more of information for you! 
So keep reading us! 

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