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On 2/7/2017 at 3:30 AM, Kurai said:

I love the fur on your Yokai! What colors did you use?

Thank you!

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure for the fur I started with Vallejo Game Color Bone White (BW) as a base, gave it a few very light washes with GW Agrax Earhshade, maybe with a tiny bit of GW Nuln Oil mixed in.  Then I highlighed with more BW then with a mix of BW and white, then more highlighting with just pure white.  I highlighted the faces with more pure white than I normally would have because I wanted a skull like look.


You might also want to check out the first post in this thread.  I've added more info on some of my techniques.


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A bunch of models I painted up for a friend.  They aren't to my usual standard, but I still like them.  I also want pics of them since they will soon leave my possession.

FYI - My photography skill is not so good.  There is more contrast that what you see here, so the darks are darker; the lights are lighter and the transitions are not as as smooth in real life.






















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I've started reworking the red jorogumo.  I broke off the top of the glaive, unfortunately one of the models that were not designed to survive the table top, so I've replaced that.  I've also been wanting to make an Asami-gumo.  In the end I decided just go with a female Jororgumo.  The only real difference would probabaly be the hair and back of the head.

I've never really be happy with how the red turned out, so I'm gong to do some work on that as well, I still haven't decided what though...



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On 3/17/2017 at 1:10 AM, MrDeathTrout said:

Terracotta Warriors
Pretty basic paint job, and probably the wrong color for terracotta, but I wanted them to match the pavers I use on all my bases.  I considered making parts metalic, or have paint pealing off them, but in the end its nice to have a very simple paint job once in a while.


There is more varaiation in the colors than these photos show, not as much as I'd like on the two brownish ones.


The green one is my fav.


The light skin is great, how did u do it?

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On 6/7/2019 at 6:07 AM, Starcry said:

The light skin is great, how did u do it?

Its not quite this light in RL,  just my poor photography skills.  :) It was a while ago I painted these guys, but I think I started with very light colors and did a series for very thin washes to  build up the color in the recesses while keeping the high point very light.  I probably came back with some layering of light colors on the high points as well.

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Some old west themed Malifaux terrain I've been working on.  These first few are pretty simple, soon I'd like to start adding steam punk elements at some point.

First few.  I made the two out houses and some fences first.  Then the little house.  I made a base for the house from blue house insulation foam (extruded polystyrene).  During a game the house can be removed the just the base used to mark the position.  This way models can easily be move around "inside" the house or it can be easily removed and replaced to measure LOS or range.  I marked the door (double-thick) and windows (single-thick) with brown wood grain strips.





This is my next attempt.  I'l make a base for it just like the first one, but have no plans to represent the second story.  Maybe on my next one I'll do separate stories.  These first two have been pretty simple test runs.





Construction is pretty simple.  A couple years ago I bought some PDF files for making paper terrain, and whipped up enough buildings for several tables for Malifaux tournaments I was running. 


For those of you unfamiliar; paper terrain is terrain made by printing a pre-decorated design on paper then cutting, folding, pasting to make a 3D piece of terrain.  I printed the designs onto card stock and once build reinforced it with corrugated cardboard.  I recommend this for any henchmen in need of terrain.  I could whip one out if a couple of hours, once reinforced with cardboard they are pretty durable.  Unless abused I could see them lasting for years.  They are also easy to transport.  Since they are just paper and cardboard you can stack them in bin with no padding and not worry about them damaging each other and are very light.





Any way.  I decided to take a few to the next level.  So I glued wood coffee stir sticks and parts made from insulation foam to them.  At some point I'll probably build some with removable rooves, decorated interiors, etc.  




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