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Difference between PW and PWU?

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What exactly is the difference in rules between the original Puppet Wars and Puppet Wars unlimited? I used to play PW back in the day but I sold it a few years ago. As far as I can tell (though my memory on the subject is hazy) there isn't that much of a rules difference. Am I correct?

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There are a lot of significant differences between Puppet Wars and Puppet Wars Unstitched.  For example:

  • There's no longer a Run action
  • Puppets no longer have a fixed ability to move two spaces, some can move faster.
  • There are no longer Free Actions. 
    • Actions listed with a (0) mean that you don't perform a flip for the action.
    • "I Need This" is written in as a sort of special rule that can be invoked when tearing apart an adjacent enemy puppet, rather than a free action.
  • A lot of the abilities and actions on the puppets are different
  • The Blocking rule doesn't exist (It's in the index, but not the rules.  I found the post by Justin confirming that it was removed deliberately.)
  • There's now a limit on the number of sidekicks allowed on each side
  • The animation card is chosen after drawing a card, rather than flipped and substituted.  There isn't an option to go without an animation card in an animation round.
  • The only special things that Aces do in Unstitched is count as having their suit twice

There are probably a few other differences.  It's still a game with puppets and cards, but there are enough differences that you'll remember how to play wrong.  :)


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Thanks, that's very helpful! I really hope they release more stuff for this game - like just one box with some more masters and sidekicks like in the old days. But I'm not holding my breath :'(

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