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Parker Barrows

Out of Faction Models: A List!

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I've been wanting a list for models that Masters can take out of Faction for a while now. Makes it easier when I want to hunt down models for X Master that aren't necessarily in that Master's faction. So, I thought I'd share. Please let me know of anything I miss anything. Characters that can be recruited through Mercenary traits are *ignored. I'm also ignoring dual faction models as either way they are in faction (ie the Illuminated have the Darkened Trait, but Jakob Lynch could take them in either faction even if they didn't).

EDIT: My intent is to have model a Master can use. Thus, if a model can be summoned, it will be listed (example: Toshiro can summon Ashigaru as a Ten Thunder).

*Exceptions where non-Mercenary characters can be hired as Mercenaries ala Zoriada or recruited out faction even if they didn't have the Mercenary trait.


Sonnia Criid (Avatar only): Fire Game (Arcanist), Iggy (Neverborn)

McMourning (On the Clock): Sebastion (Rezzer), Nurse (Rezzer), Zombie Chihuahua (Rezzer)

Lucius (Guardsman, Mimic): Candy (Neverborn), Doppleganger (Neverborn), Mr. Graves (Neverborn/Ten Thunders), Mr. Tannen (Neverborn/Ten Thunders), Beckoner (Neverborn), Changeling (Neverborn), Terracotta Warriors (Ten Thunders)

C. Hoffman (MS&U Constructs): Joss (Arcanist), Howard Langston (Arcanist), Rail Golem (Arcanist), Metal Gamin (Arcanist), Soulstone Miner (Arcanist), Steam Arachnid (Arcanist), Steam Arachnid Swarm (Arcanist), Large Arachnid (Arcanist) Mobile Toolkit (Arcanist)


McMourning (Moonlighting): Guild Guard (Guild), Guild Lawer (Guild)

Seamus (Avatar): Ice Dancer (Arcanist), Performer (Arcanist)

Tara (Dead of Winter, Scion of Void, [Karina] Faces of Oblivion): Void Wretches (Outcast), The Nothing Beast (Outcast), Death Marshal (Guild), Scion of Void (Outcast)

Yan Lo (Retainer): Komainu (Ten Thunders), Sun Quiang (Ten Thunders)

Toshiro the Daiymyo (Command the Grave): Komaniu (Ten Thunders)


Ramos (Avatar): Peacekeeper (Guild), Hunter (Guild), Warden (Guild), Watcher (Guild), Guardian (Guild)

Marcus (Beast): Spawn Mother (Neverborn), Rogue Necromancy (Rezzer), Dawn Serpent (Ten Thunders), Corrupted Hound (Neverborn), Wild Boar (Gremlin), The Sow (Gremlin), Waldergeist (Neverborn), Piglet (Gremlin), War Pig (Gremlin), Silurid (Neverborn), Gupps (Neverborn), Canine Remains (Rezzer), Night Terror (Rezzer), Shikome (Rezzer), Guild Hound (Guild), Rougarou (Neverborn)

Mei Feng (Foundry): Kang (Ten Thunders), Sparks (Gremlin), Mechanized Porkchop (Gremlin)

Sandeep Desai (Academic): Sanctioned Spellcaster (Guild), The Valedictorian (Rezzer), Student of Viscera (Rezzer), Student of Sinew (Rezzer), Student of Steel (Rezzer), Freikorps Librarian (Outcast)


Zoraida (Willpowe =/<4, Swampfied): McTavish (Gremlin), Lenny (Gremlin), Pere Ravage (Gremlin), Raphael LaCroix (Gremlin), Rami LaCroix), Gremlin Taxidermist (Gremlin), Papa Loco (Guild), Ototo (Ten Thunders), The Winged Plague (Outcast), Wind Gamin (Arcanist), Bayou Gremlin (Gremlin), Samurai (Ten Thunders), Hog Whisper (Gremlin), Piglet (Gremlin), War Pig (Gremlin), Bayou Gator (Gremlin), Nurse (Rezzer), Wild Boar (Gremlin), Malifaux Raptor (Arcanist)

Collodi (Puppet): Coryphee (Arcanist), Shadow Effigy (Ten Thunders), Brutal Effigy (Guild), Hodgepodge Effigy (Outcast), Carrion Effigy (Rezzer), Arcane Effigy (Arcanist), Lucky Effigy (Gremlin), Mannequin (Arcanist)

Lucius (Guardsman, Mimic): Master Queeg (Guild), Captain Dashel (Guild), Warden (Guild), Mounted Guard (Guild), Guild Guard (Guild), Guild Austringer (Guild), Guild Lawyer (Guild), Guild Hound (Guild), Guard Sergeant (Guild), Guild Rifleman (Guild), Guild Pathfinder (Guild/Ten Thunders), Clockwork Trap (Guild/Ten Thunders), Terracotta Warriors (Ten Thunders)


Leveticus (Horseman, Non-Gremlin Constructs, Non-Gremlin Undead): Pale Rider (Guild), Dead Rider (Rezzer), Mechanical Rider (Arcanist), Hooded Rider (Neverborn), Too many to list

Misaki (Last Blossom): Ototo (Ten Thunders), Yamaziko (Ten Thunders), Oiran (Ten Thunders), Torakage (Ten Thunders), Jorogumo (Ten Thunders)

Tara (Dead of Winter, [Karina] Faces of Oblivion): Death Marshal (Guild), Guild Autopsy (Rezzer)

Jack Daw (Tormented): Wrath (Neverborn), Greed (Guild), Lust (Ten Thunders), Envy (Arcanist), Gluttony (Gremlin), Sloth (Rezzer), Jaakuna Ubume (Rezzer), Papa Loco (Guild), The Drowned (Rezzer), Crooked Man (Rezzer), The Hanged (Rezzer), Nurse (Rezzer)

Hamelin (Lost): Candy (Neverborn), Baby Kade (Neverborn), Iggy (Neverborn), Crooligan (Rezzer)

Nix (Hound): Guild Hound (Guild), Corrupted Hound (Neverborn), Canine Remains (Rezzer)


The Brewmaster (Tri-Chi): Fermented River Monk (Ten Thunders)

Zoraida (Willpowe =/<4, Swampfied): Bad Juju (Neverborn), Spawn Mother (Neverborn), Gupps (Neverborn), Papa Loco (Guild), Ototo (Ten Thunders), Iggy (Neverborn), The Winged Plague (Outcast), Silurid (Nevrborn), Samurai (Ten Thunders), Waldgeist (Neverborn), Nurse (Rezzer), Wind Gamin (Arcanist), Malifaux Raptor (Arcanist), Will O'The Wisp (Neverborn)

Ten Thunders

Yan Lo (Retainer): Onryo (Rezzer), Ashigaru (Rezzer), Goryo (Rezzer)

Misaki (Last Blossom): Wokou Raider (Outcast)

The Brewmaster (Tri-Chi): Fingers (Gremlin), Whiskey Golem (Gremlin), Apprentice Wesley (Gremlin), Moon Shinobi (Gremlin)

Mei Feng (Foundry): Sparks (Gremlin), Rail Golem (Arcanist), Willie (Arcanist), Mechanized Porkchop (Gremlin), Metal Gamin (Arcanist)

Jakob Lynch (Darkened): Beckoner (Neverborn), Stitched Together (Neverborn), The Depleted (Neverborn)

Lucas McCabe (Guardsman, Black Sheep): Captain Dashel (Guild), Master Queeg (Guild), Guild Austringer (Guild), Guild Guard (Guild), Guild Rifleman (Guild), Warden (Guild), Mounted Guard (Guild), Guild Hound (Guild)

Toshiro the Daimyo (Feudal Ties, Command the Grave): Punk Zombie, Ashigaru

As suggested by solkan (especially now with the release of Nellie, it makes sense), I'm going to add a

Mercenary List 

Guild: Greed, Orderly, Dr. Grimwell, Nurse Heartsbane

Rezzer: Sloth, Anna Lovelace

Arcanists: Performer, Envy

Neverborn: Wrath, Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, Bloodwretch

Outcasts: Aionus, Sue, Ama no Zako, Strongarm Suit, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorps Trapper, Lazarus (NO GUILD), Pride, Big Jake, Ronin, Killjoy, Freikorps Specialist, Freikorpsmann, Hans, Johan, Bishop, Convict Gunslinger, Desperate Mercenary, Hannah, Taelor, Student of Conflict, Malifaux Child

Gremlins: McTavish, Burt Jebsen, Gracie, Gluttony, Hog Whisperer

Ten Thunders: Lust, Torakage, Oiran

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2 hours ago, ABoyNamedSue said:

Leveticus (Horseman, Non-Gremlin Constructs, Non-Gremlin Undead): Pale Rider (Guild), Dead Rider (Rezzer), Mechanical Rider (Arcanist), Hooded Rider (Neverborn), Too many to list


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22 hours ago, ABoyNamedSue said:

Toshiro the Daimyo (Command the Grave): Punk Zombie, Ashigaru

Punk zombies are on his card (Feudal ties) and Ashigaru are from the Command the Graves upgrade.

22 hours ago, ABoyNamedSue said:

Mei Feng (Foundry): Sparks (Gremlin), Rail Golem (Arcanist), Willie (Arcanist), Mechanized Porkchop (Gremlin)

Add Metal Gamin.

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Seamus' Avatar doesn't let him hire Showgirls (though I keep hoping they'll make a Dream Maker upgrade that will allow him to).

His Avatar allows him to use Arise my Sweet to summon Living, Minion, non-Totem Showgirls, and when they are summoned they lose the Living Trait and gain the Undead Trait instead. Ice Dancers tend to be my Summon of choice with that Ability.

As a note, he can already hire Oiran if he wants, as they are Mercs. He just has to pay the Merc Tax to do so.

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Karina also lets tara take the void guys.

IIRC toshiro doesn't allow you to hire komainu, just summon them?

Hamelin can always field a malifaux child since it's already native faction. And a merc.

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Alright. Updated. Thanks for the input.

I also put in a note, my intention is to put every model a Master/Henchman can use rather than just hire (hence, why I included Avatar Seamus summons and Toshiro summons for example).

Note: I plan on updating when Ripples of Fate comes out, but I will likely wait until I get the book itself (probably order from GenCon) to do it so I can check personally.

Of course, if a card spoils early (we get a new Guardsman for example or one of the new Masters has a hire out of faction ability), I'll add it before then.

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30 minutes ago, Parker Barrows said:

Rippling Fates Updated!

I think I got all the Academics, but give me a heads up if I'm wrong.

You've got Sandeep listed under Neverborn instead of Arcanists.  :huh:

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I was just looking for something like this to figure out what's going on w/ the Wild Ones. Nice collection of info!

I did notice that Fermented River Monk is tagged as "Gremlin" rather than "Ten Thunders" in the Gremlins out-of-faction section for The Brewmaster.

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1 hour ago, Fire At Will said:

The Freikorps Librarian is an academic

The list excludes models that could be hired anyway due to the Mercenary characteristic.  In other words, this is the Out of Faction non-Mercenary model list.

Although a separate "Every Mercenary Model" list would probably be nice to see accompanying this.


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