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Big Gencon release?

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I only started following them in the past year about (Around when Shifting hit, I started paying much more attention;  Yay Mordheim style campaigns!).

So I can't say anything for sure, but would they really spring a release with so little information out already?

I guess cons are for Hype-release, but the only thing they've really put out is those, what, two arts?  The Background (In the Wyrd Backgrounds section) and the art that.. is really just a different angel of that girl in that background lol.  (I guess I've heard that some of the designers have talked about it on blogs or interviews or something at some point, I saw a user posting quotes from a dialog about The Other Side, but I still haven't heard much at all, it certainly doesn't have much information when you just google it).

I guess it'd be cool if it released, I would just figure they'd hype it more before hand.  But what do I know :P

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iirc there was a post (I wanna say by Aaron but may have been Justin) mentioning that they would love to release The Other Side later this year (read that as GenCon) but they wanted to do extensive playtesting on it and it would be ready when it was ready rather than aiming for a strict release date such as GenCon.

All but confirmed we'll see a Book 4 and with all of the models currently unrelease from 1,2&3 being in production it's likely you'll see the last few remnants of those models and maybe a couple of models form the new book as special editions/limited releases at genCon.

I'm expecting: Last few wave 3 models, Book 4, Nightmare Guild crew box, nightmare Arcanist model, a couple of special edition boxes/models from the new book maybe (if all teh models from current released book are already in production). And a preview/demo of The Other Side. then a general release of otehrside around Black Friday.

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