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New player from Paris


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Hi to all !

I am Sylvain, 32 years old from Paris. I try Malifaux last summer and really enjoy the game style & rules.

I started the game with the Closing Time box (The Gremlins Tri Chi miniatures are amazing :P). They are really funny to play but i have to admit that it's a complexe choice for a beginner like me. The Brewmaster is a cool model, i like him but i need to practice more if i want to play him efficiently. After buying this box i decided to start 10T as my main faction (i'm a huge fan of the last years of Edo period). Models in this faction have great looking so i really enjoy painting them !

I don't think that 10T are the more accessible faction in the game. Well that's not a problem for me because i prefer play models i like ;)

I also love the Outcast faction (i played Mercenaries in other games).  I'm in love with Tara nightmare edition... one day she will be mine !




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