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Crossroads Seven

The Box Consists of a Neverborn Henchman (Wrath) and an Enforcer for every other Faction (based on the other Deadly Sins). All are Mercenaries that can be used for any.

Of course, you can take them all as a Crew with the Wrath as a leader in larger Stone games by taking a 0 Cost Upgrade Card. Since you must have seven Crossroads Seven models in the crew, you only have two Soulstones leftover. On the plus side, they can be run as a Crew under any faction (though Wrath can only do this when running the whole Crew, he can only be run as a Neverborn in the smaller Henchman games).

In case you're curious:

Wrath = Lead Singer = Neverborn

Envy = Organ Player = Arcanist

Sloth = Bass = Resserectionist

Pride = Guitar = Outcast

Lust = Fiddle = Ten Thunders

Gluttony = Bongos = Gremlins

Greed = Guitar (I think) = Guild

Edited by ABoyNamedSue
Included the C7 names, instrument, and Faction
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