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Competitive Wong or Ulix crew pls????


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Hey im new like in i borrowed a crew LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the game so so god damn much and now i need my crew. like other post i do not care about the "bank" i just want a competitive crew to start with (prefer wong) so i can play with my friends which are rather competetive aswell :D pls help a noob start fast ^^

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It's always good to tailor your crew based on the schemes and strategies, but Wong's box is fairly versatile and he can run some good crews. From his base box, I'd run probably a maximum of two Lightning Bugs, although if you're really at a stretch for things to take, the third can work. Mancha Roja hits really hard but in my experience he goes down quite quickly, don't expect him to stick around unless you're going to put a lot of resources into keeping him alive.

My suggested purchases for Wong:

Burt Jebsen and/or Gracie - these are probably the two best targets in faction for Wong's Magical condition with the Ooo Glowy upgrade, and Burt Jebsen has an action that can force enemies to bunch up, which synergises nicely with Wong's general AoE nature. He's also immune to :pulse damage, which Wong can do a decent amount of.

Slop Haulers - they come in pairs, I'd probably only run one, again you can run two in a stretch as they're very versatile, but they provide lots of healing and can deal pretty decent damage if it comes to it.

"The Bayou Boss" Som'er Teeth Jones crew box - Yes it's a master you're not necessarily interested in, but you get four Bayou Gremlins which are just great to have to fill out any gaps and they're great at scheme running. You also get Lenny, who isn't quite as amazing in a Wong crew as say Ophelia, but he gives out an aura of damage reduction and a free Ram (so you can get lots of :+fate damage flips on Mancha Roja and AoE damage on lightning bugs). He also works nicely with Gracie, who can carry him around with the Saddle upgrade, and she has a +2 damage trigger on Rams, so if you make her Glowy, her tusks attack can deal 5 damage minimum.

Merris LaCroix - she's a much more dedicated scheme runner than Bayou Gremlins, but she is very very good at it. Also lets you be a bit more wild with your :blasts and :pulses because she gives out immunity to them in an aura around her.

That's way more than 50 stones, so you've got a decent amount of tweaking you can do there to fit the strat & schemes, but it's not the whole faction. Wong in general is good at the killy strategies and schemes, and also things like Turf War. Lightning Bugs are also really good in Stake a Claim when it rarely comes up because they have Reckless and are pretty cheap.


For Ulix:

Lots of people don't really rate the Wild Boars that come in his crew box, I think they're better than people give them credit for, but fairly situational. I'd generally rather take Piglets or War Pigs but there's room for one or two to tie up your opponent, especially if you expect they will take models with From the Shadows.

2 boxes of Piglets - he can summon them. Even if you don't take the summoning upgrade, they work very nicely with him. If you're adamant you don't want to summon, you can probably get away with just the one box.

At least one War Pig - again, he can summon them, and again even if you don't summon, he can do some nasty tricks with them.

Slop Haulers - these guys are that good, and Ulix uses health as a main resource to summon, so having a source of healing is super helpful.

Merris LaCroix - again, a really great model, and because piglets come in wounded when you summon them, and Ulix is fairly squishy if you can actually hit him, the :blast immunity stops nasty accidents taking out a chunk of your crew. She can also drop scheme markers pretty readily, which is something you need to summon War Pigs.

Burt Jebsen - A non-pig who is pretty self sufficient and can put out lots of damage while you're waiting for your pigs to get going. He's another great model.

Gracie - again, another great model who happens to be a Pig and can benefit from Ulix help. I haven't run her too often just because I don't have the space in my crews, but if you do, she's even better than normal because of Pig synergy.

If you have a sense of fun and any money left over, a Pigapult - this is great for strategies like Reconnoiter, where you can simply summon a whole bunch of piglets and fling them to all corners of the map with impunity. Plus it has a pretty nasty 24" no LoS needed attack.

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What Dogmantra said, and I'd double down on grabbing The Bayou Boss box for Lenny ASAP. Burt Jebsen has the Critical Strike trigger on his Lucky Knife attack, with one built-in Ram (+1 damage per Ram in the duel total). Lenny gives him another Ram, then, with the +1 damage from Oooo Glowy, and a flipped or cheated Ram, you're looking at a model that does minimum 6 damage and ignores Armor, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal. Nothing in the game can stand up to that...especially when he gets three AP (Reckless for additional AP, the damage from which is counteracted by Regeneration +1 from Oooo Glowy) which he'll always be using for attacks, because Gracie will be using Saddle to get him where he needs to go.

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For Wong, McTavish is a near must-take.  He's a far better glowy target than Francois, Burt or Gracie.  Ignoring cover and randomization means that every shot is by far more reliable.  His melee attacks are no joke either.

Depending on if your game is looking at Collect the bounty, hunting party or public demonstration, then strongly consider The Sow over Gracie.  She has a great threat range.  She's also good for Ulix (I've seen lists with the sow, gracie and old major do well). 

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57 minutes ago, elrodogg said:

For Wong, McTavish is a near must-take.  He's a far better glowy target than Francois, Burt or Gracie.  Ignoring cover and randomization means that every shot is by far more reliable.  His melee attacks are no joke either.

It really depends imo. Compared to Gracie you're only getting 1/2 the AP per turn, and Burt you're getting 2/3, unless you're dropping markers and cheating in whichever suit gets him a third shot, which can be a fair investment. Burt and Gracie also both make better use of the Regen (both have Hard to Kill, and Gracie gets it twice a turn), whereas McTavish can get away without it between his range and soulstones for damage prevention.

Where he's definitely better than those two as a glowy target though is making sure that one model absolutely will die, perhaps for Murder Protege. When he's Magical, there's pretty much nothing you can do to prevent him damaging you.

Of course, since you pick the target when you deploy, there's nothing stopping you from always taking Burt & McTavish and picking which one gets the glow after you've seen your opponent's crew.

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15 hours ago, Ravnican said:

with wong i will need to focus on getting good models for glowy then rest of crew ??

The good glowy models are much of the core models you'll use throughout gremlins.  McTavish, Burt and Gracie will see lots of play from a variety of gremlin masters. 

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If you look further afield also, there are some really oddball glowey choices in mercs that can get silly.  The two that sprung out at me were Lazarus and Hannah.

Lazarus is all about the ranged death.  His gun is accurate and throws down lots of damage and blasts, while his autofire ability let's him get LOTS of shots out of it.

Hannah is all about melee death.  Her melee attacks are also accurate and good for getting blasts out there to take advantage of your bonus damage.  She's also resistant to blast and pulse damage so is more comfortable wading through the furball in the middle of the table.

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