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Viktorias crew help

fablo brunsh

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Hi all,

Im stuck in a very out of the way bit of the world so don't have access to my usual group to bounce this off. Trying to build a Vikis crew from purely female models. Aiming for about 50 stones (give or take), which would include the box set. Mainly looking at synergies, as I know I can get the crew together, I just need to know it will work. Things I'm thinking of would be Vanessa, Beckoners, Hollow Waifs and Rusty Alyce.

Is this just going to work out as a bitza crew or could it work? Not really looking for a particular type of play style just a playable crew. I know that's a bit generic to ask for sorry but if there is any advice it would be appreciated.



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The Viks box is all female, so that give you Taelor.  Hannah and Johanna come to mind, as well as the librarian mentioned above.  I think Rusty Alyce might be a good addition to the crew as well.  Good shot, and those traps, so no one can charge you first.

Would Sue fit in?  He has a female name :D.  He could be the token dude.

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16 hours ago, SlackerLM said:

 You can always try Lust and Greed, from the Crossroad Seven. Hannah and/or Taleor, as well (Both at the same time is expensive).

Lust is nice in a Viktorias crew since she can force the enemy to bunch up into nice whirlwind targets. 

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MissDemeanor is a old metal sculpt for Convict Gunslingers...

The old metal Desperate Mercs, one was female.

Both of these models are often takes in my Viks crews.  Coupled with Rusty, Hannah and a Librarian you have the makings of not just a playable crew, but a very good crew... 

now go convert up some female abominations if you'd like!

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