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Quarantine Questions (Under Quarantine SPOILERS)

Parker Barrows

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6 minutes ago, GamerCr0w said:

I have a question regarding the ghouls and their grim feast. It says "Living or Undead character of Minion rank or z higher", so how much is the Z? 

The z is unfortunately a typo.  It should just be "of Minion rank or higher."

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On 28/03/2016 at 2:08 AM, Brancifer said:

I have a question for Under Quarantine, what does Brilliance exactly do?

Brilliance is covered on UQ page 153. It's an entire page of text.

There's also stats for Depleted, Illuminated and Beckoners on p.187-189 of UQ. I believe they're also in the Fatemaster's Guide.


If you are looking for spoilers, however, I'd suggest you have a look for which Malifaux Masters field those models ;)

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Note that the Depleted, Illuminated, and Beckoners in Under Quarantine are a more faithful representation of how those characters should behave in the game than the ones in the Fatemaster's Almanac. If you plan on using the Brilliance Condition during your games, I'd highly recommend using the UQ stats, but if you just want a quick Beckoner or Illuminated to throw at the Fated, the FA stat blocks work fine for that.

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