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Just started on Gremlins, purchase advice welcome

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Hi all,

Recently started on Gremlins. I really like the pigs the faction has to offer so I allready bought: The Ulix box, Gracie, Burt, Warpig and Hog Whisperer.

Next purchases will definately be: Piglets, Slop Haulers and Merris. No questions here

After that I'm not too sure which would be best. I could go for the Som'er box because it has a lot of pig synergies (and Lenny) and thus matches well with the miniatures I allready own. On the other hand I really like Wong's box just as much and this gives me a completely new angle besides the bacon.

So... Should I go for Wong or Som'er? And are there some purchases I should benefit from which I have overlooked?

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Honestly up to you. Both boxes have some great and versatile additions to the faction. Som'er's box is probably a bit more generally useful, especially for Lenny, but Wong gives you the Magical condition with Ooh Glowy, which works really nicely on Burt or Gracie (glowy Gracie with a ram gives her min damage of 5, and because of reactivate she regens twice a turn).

Som'er's pig synergies aren't amazing, but I do love him as a master, and he's a fantastic generalist

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Zorida is an odd-ball in the Gremlin crew but she's my new favorite.  Having a nurse in the gremlin crew is quite funny...  Lenny getting healed without getting paralyzed will demoralize your opponent.  Roja Mancha can also pull this off or toss mud on someone who's been paralyzed.  And that voodoo doll will be hated!

Sammy and Trixiebell are almost auto-include. 

I like Wong as he can pull off a lot of scheme marker tricks.  Glowy is a lot of fun. 

Over Easter a bunch of new models were released.  I purchased Rooster riders, McTavish and Old Cranky.  The Sow was not on my list as I don't really have a pig list. 


so umm 

On ‎3‎/‎27‎/‎2016 at 5:27 PM, Friendly Neighborhood Ging said:

Better yet! Just get everything 


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