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Err.. help with Lady J crew.


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Hey Folks!

I'm reletively new to Malifaux, I picked up the starter in the Summer and have played it quite a lot with my partner. Shes in the process of fixing up a Lady J. Crew box.

I have Jacob Lynch (unassembled) and Pandora, (Unpainted).

There's a local tournament due in June, Im not normally one for Tournaments but figured why not since I'll be at the convvention anyway!

I posted a thread in the Neverborn section and my partner is interested in the answers for her!
So the basic question is:

She has a box of Guild Austringers, the Sonia Crid crew (metal) and the Lady J. Crew.

What would she need to bring her Lady J. up to scratch. She's not fond of the metal set - so it's been languishing in a box since X-mas. She does really like the new Guild Hounds..


So any suggestions?

Sorry if this has been asked already

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It's a good start. If I'm running Lady J competitively there's a few staples I'd suggest. 

perditas box: gives you Francisco to help buff Lady Js average Df. The rest of the family are are all solid 7ss Enforcers and add some punch to the crew. 

Guild hounds are good scheme runners. I'd suggest in 3s as and close ish together to keep them significant. 

I like the Guild Pathfinder  he can help to tie things up summoning and moving traps and he's got a solid shoot action

brutal effigy helps to heal Lady J with his (0) and he's a solid durable scheme runner for 4ss. 

if you can pick up an old avatar or a good proxy the Emmisary is golden for me.  Being able to box justice to help her suvivability is really useful, stops me relying on the crutch of Francisco so much.


youve already got stalkers from Sonnias box. I tend to run at least 1 in all guild crews for condition removal. Austringers are always good aswell. I generally always run at least 1. 

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That's excellent!

She's  not keen on the Perdita models, so i'm not sure she'll take Francisco.  But she's definitly getting the Guild Hounds. The emissary is a definite yes also, (but its not released yet?) And its a yes on the Effigy. Shes not keen on the Pathfinder. (but is contemplating it)

All in all I think with the addition of the hounds and the effigy she's defintly going to have enough to play around with! Thanks for the help!


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No the Emmisary isn't out yet. So it'd have to be a metal guild avatar or plastic Hoffman avatar if you can find one from a Lgs or eBay as they are official proxies for the emmisaries, Or a proxy in keeping with justice for the time being.

if not perdita, I forgot about the Hoffman box. hunters are fairly quick and decent in melee/range I use them as pseudo scheme runners/flank protectors and guardians are always handy as they can give Lj defensive and heal. They're a staple in most of my guild lists too being fairly durable, as will be mounted guard on release (I have some proxies though)  and LJ can inspire them as they're both minions  which is always a bonus  


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This is the sort of list I'd run at 50ss. If it was fairly scheme heavy. You've got three beaters in LJ, Judge and Emmisary (I'd rather frank with wade in over judge if possible), scheme runners/denyers in the hounds and brutal effigy. Stalker is good for condition removal.

 I'd be tempted to swap a hound and the stalker for Abuela Ortega  she can make justice be boxed by obeying the Emmisary then the Emmisary can charge try and bury something and pop her out high up the board on turn one before she activates.   As you can get a scheme marker 16" (up to pop her out by) with the hounds and the austringer turn 1, she'll effectively have a 31" threat range.


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Handler is good if you run witchlings. I have a few so if I go stalker heavy id run one so getting the LE one is handy as an option as you have the Sonnia box.   

Scales isnt a priority for me  if I've got space I'd put it in for the activation, you could swap the 4th hound for it depends on preference.

i do occasionally use the death marshals, maybe one or two every now and then, I find the Emmisary is more reliable for boxing. Used to run DMs all the time, I have all 10 of them (Justice was my first master back in 1st ed).

 But at 6ss each I find there's more reliable choices, id rather Santiago, Hunter or Abuela for 7 if I can. If there's a lot of terrain I'd run a few to make the most of Unimpeded, use them as scheme runners/flank protectors.  Or before the Emmisary is out you could run them for boxing    lj.


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