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Call Through the Breach Adventure Notes: Session 1


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Since my previous posts regarding my homebrew Call of Cthulhu Through the Breach fusion campaign, 2 sessions have been played with my players. Detailed below will be the players, their characters with appropriate information including their Destinies, and session notes. These notes will be implemented in a story I'm writing based in Malifaux centered around the Fated Character's antics within the context of the story.

All of the Fated share 2 things in common: At some point in their lives, their Destiny was unveiled to them, and since then, were inexplicably drawn towards Malifaux, and all of them have received an invitation to come work for the President of the Miner's and Steamfitter's Union as field agents in a letter addressed to each character, enclosed with a coveted and expensive ticket Through the Breach.

The Players:

Dave: Farris Mickey, 20, A former circus performer who had discovered a natural talent for sorcery after an accidental spellcast during his last circus act. He took to stage acting for a short while, however his mind was ever focused on one day reaching the City Beyond the Breach. His Destiny reads: "When the accounting passes you by, the wondering hour will settle upon your hearth, and Time waits for no man but you. Then, in the middle of none, there was one, and the leaf will sink as the stone floats."

Eric: Ruby Harris, 22, Born in Mississippi and raised in the hard reality of Southern racism of the 1890s, Ruby had been a transient worker for a number of years before falling into the employ of Dr. Victor Ramos as both his servant and his eyes and ears out in the field. Ruby also happens to be first cousin to Toni Ironsides of the Union. Her Destiny reads: "When you wake from the dream of ancestors, you will refuse the Call, As you remember the mirror and shatter the stream, You will hold the myth of Life in your hands, And you will forget yourself."

Matt: Camilla Elyosea, 34, an Engineering and Artificing prodigy, Camilla had spent the last several years of her life venturing from trade school to trade school, working in numerous factories and tutored under the greatest engineering minds Earthside. An attractive woman, she isn't afraid to get dirty and jumps at every opportunity to bust out her tools. Her Destiny reads: "When you sup upon your pride and dance with cadavers, the Cauldron-Spawn will crawl to your Birth, As the living wither from your grasp, All of the screams will lead you Home, and you will drive the Chariot of Winter."

Mike: Akemi Senhime, 22, Born the eldest of 4 orphaned siblings, Akemi had been adopted by Jewish-German tourists and raised in the strict Hasidic religion. Akemi had found a sense of belonging and purpose through her new faith, and had shown a knack for being a gifted surgeon and well read scholar of the sacred texts. She possesses a natural Healing touch which she has used to save patients that would have otherwise died on the operating table. Though small and often mistaken as a young boy, this devout priestess seeks to shine the light of God on those her miracles can reach. Her Destiny Reads: "Once you cross the bloody threshold, you will lead the Children through the Valley, and the Wolf will howl at the door, the bloodstained cheeks will weave the grasses, and you will thrice damn Him."

Madison: Dirty Dan Marshall, 40. Born to a family of cutthroat outlaws, Dirty Dan spent most of his life causing other people troubles. From armed robbery to murder, to alleged illicit activities with a rancher's prized steer, Dan has made a reputation for himself among the criminals and chain gangs both Earthside and in Malifaux. Having recently finished serving his time for disturbing the peace, he spends his time loitering around Frampt's Saloon in Edgeport, drinking whiskey and waiting for his big pay day. His Destiny reads: "After the Branch snaps beneath your sorrow, He will know you not by your rage but by your temperance, for you know that a long life is a hundred curses, they sing for laughter tears and Tomorrow, and the penny paid is thrice earned."

NOTE!: Madison was unavailable to attend session one and had originally been planned to arrive with the PCs on the train, so when session 2 came along I had him already in Malifaux.

Session One: New Beginnings

Session one begins the story in 1915 as economic boom and growth flourishes in the wake of the Breach reopening. Each of the Fated begin in their respective homes, Akemi and Farris beginning in New York City, Camilla in San Francisco, and Ruby in Arkham, the location of the Breach. Each of the characters are given a letter, written to them by none other than famed engineer and president of the Miner's & Steam Fitter's Union (abbreviated MSFU) Dr. Victor Ramos, who informs the PC's that each of them was hand selected out of a small pool of candidates to come work for him and the MSFU, calling it a "Once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity" with promises of beginning anew, substantial compensation and benefits, and the chance to come to the illustrious city of Malifaux. Enclosed with each envelope is a one way train ticket that departs Arkham's Guild Train Station in the next couple weeks.

Each of the PC's was given time to prepare themselves before departure. Dave had Farris settle his bank accounts and make several withdrawals, as well purchased an information booklet about Malifaux. Camilla went about collecting her few belongings before departing via dirigible from California to New York. Akemi met with her Rabbi to seek guidance, and was told to take the opportunity by the horns, and was given a special copy of the Torah and golden Star of David for her journey. Ruby, who already lives in Arkham, waited patiently for the others to arrive under the guise of being another selected candidate, when in reality she had been sent to gauge the worth of the newcomers.

After the Fated arrive, they all meet at Platform G-B, seeing the imposing Ram-shaped locomotive that would transport them. After some basic introductions, the PCs found themselves being hounded by the hoots and vulgar cat calls of prisoners being loaded into prison cars. What's worse, the Guild Enforcement officer who checked their tickets rudely jostled and tossed around Camilla and Ruby's baggage, paying no mind to Farris and Akemi who dressed impressively compared to the humble work clothes the previous two sported. Quickly gathering their belongings, they got aboard the only passenger car, and after a short time began their journey for the Breach.

With the city of Arkham passing behind them, the train speeds along for an hour through the industrial fields south of the city before approaching the Blue Green light of the portal. All of the PCs with the exception of Ruby reacted to the overwhelming surge of energy that came over them as their passed through, with Farris visibly showing signs of physical arousal from the experience. Once through, the cityscape of Malifaux came into view, and within another half our arrived at Malifaux Station outside the General's Manor. The first thing that catches Akemi's eyes are the strange, semi humanoid figures hanging from the massive gray and gnarled tree opposite of the mansion and train station, with several children at it's roots throwing stones and rotten vegetables in vain up at the hanging bodies.

Greeted by Toni Ironsides as their escort to meet Dr. Ramos, the Fated made their way towards the city, but were stopped by a pompous Guild official who decreed a $2000 toll per person to enter the city. While Ruby and Farris argued with the official, Toni stood by and observed the scene unfold. Without any luck persuading the lackey, Ruby produces the money and prepares to pay the corrupt official. As the Guildsman accepts the wad of cash, a rifle is fired from somewhere distant and the money goes flying from the official's hand. As the PC's frantically look around, the Guild Official turns pale and says "The Judge," looking sheepishly towards the far side of the Hanging Tree where a duster clad, rifle wielding man sat atop a mechanical horse, and the official quickly passes the Fated through. Farris gives a wave of thanks, to which the Judge offers a solemn nod before turning away and riding into the wasteland.

What follows is a brief tour of Upper Down town, during which time Akemi assists a beggar before he is assaulted by Guild police. Shortly thereafter, a commotion in the square draws the PC's attention, and by the time they arrive, the find the pummeled and crushed body of a Gremlin lying by a sewer grate. Toni managed to get the PCs back on track, answering questions pertaining to life in Malifaux and expected duties of their new jobs as she leads them to the Industrial Zone and drops them off at MSFU's main office. Once inside, the PC's meet Rosie, a spectacled red head with a Queens accent who shows no particular love of Ruby, who in turn shows only contempt for the secretary, who eventually leads the fated to the elevator lift which takes them to Ramos' office. During the ride up, Farris noticed a mechanical spider tinkering with some wiring up in the corner.

Brought upstairs, the PCs are led to the immaculate office of Dr. Ramos, who greets each PC in turn before explaining his need of them for varied assignments that go beyond typical mercenary work, detailing his need for individuals with unique talents to resolve problems in different ways other than violence. After answering several questions pertaining to their new jobs, Victor explains that the first job he has lined up came up suddenly and requires urgent attention. A few nights previous a small band of prisoners who were serving time in a chain gang work camp out in the Badlands managed to escape, stealing MSFU property in the process, including a priceless artifact and mechanical lift suit. Victor tells the PCs that he wants the stolen property recovered at all cost, saying he cares nothing for the prisoners' fate.

Before leaving to rest up for their first assignment, Ruby stays behind under the guise of requesting compensation for the money destroyed by the Judge. However, once everyone had left and were down the elevator, Ruby gives a detailed assessment of her thoughts on the group, claiming they will need more time to assess their worth. Victor tells her he believes one or two of them have magical potential and wants to have them monitored for signs of aptitude. Before leaving, Ruby requests information about a gang who has robbed her and her family years prior of a precious heirloom as compensation for the 2000 dollars lost at the entrance. Victor says he has little information, but knows that the escaped convicts she was tasked to find had connections to this gang.

As the session draws to a close, the PC's go about getting familiar with the lower downtown area, each of them taking time to relax. As night falls, Akemi comes upon a catatonic man in an alleyway outside a restaurant and attempts to offer him aid. When no response is made, she readies to leave the man, only for him to suddenly take hold of her and begin twisting into a horrid creature which manages to claw a deep gouge into her arm. Luckily, she managed to cry out, and as help from some burly workers arrives, the creature fades into the wall and vanishes. It is here after the attack do we end session one.

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