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Interior tables


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Some story scenarios involve interior locations, such as an arcanist lab, a tavern, the Star Theatre, etc. A 3x3 table seems a bit big for these locations, so I'm curious to know how others have handled/would handle these kinds of tables. Do you just make the entire board into the location and not care about how big it would be? Do you put the location in the middle of the board and surround it with streets and other buildings? Do you divide he table up and have each division as a separate floor of the location? Is there another way?

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It's a good question. I've done an Arcanist lab in past games that was set up as a large "main" floor area, with passages that led to other rooms: boiler room, storage, etc. That way, I could (basically) fill the entire 3'x3' board, but still maintain some visual interest and unique opportunities for movement. Terrain rules are really useful when mapping out this kind of location. I'm not sure it's always necessary to have the entirety of a 3'x3' space for use in the game, so long as deployment zones are included properly, and strats/schemes work in the space you create.

I'd love to see a multi-tiered approach, though I have no clue how to do that within the ruleset. 

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