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McCabe and welcome to malifaux


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Played McCabe a lot in 2015 so would see Taelor almost every time I faced Outcast.  Whilst the whole smacking McCabe as he dismounted setup rarely came off it was a constant threat.  At the time I never thought to ask if it was possible to hide behind the mounted McCabe when placing the newly summoned McCabe on foot to avoid trigger welcome to malifaux?  Is this something that is possible, I'm assuming Taelor's ability is an aura and the soon to be removed horsy McCabe affects LOS at the point of whippy McCabe being summoned?  Legit or wishful thinking?

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Taelor needs line of sight to charge. If you can summon something outside of her line of sight, she can't charge. 

welcome to Malifaux allows her to charge even when engaged, but I don't remember anything from it removing the Line of sight requirements.  Hiding behind the horse should work perfectly well. 

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Looks like Taelor does need LoS, and since Dismounted McCabe is summoned before the dead McCabe leaves play I would say your idea works.



(0) "Welcome to Malifaux!": This model gains the following Condition until the
end of the Turn: "Welcome to Malifaux: If an enemy model is summoned in
and within range to be Charged, this model may immediately Charge the
summoned model. This Charge may be made even if this model is engaged. If
more than one model is summoned within range and LoS at the same time, this
model may only Charge one of them."



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