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Getting Hard (to kill) with Von Schill


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Hey there Schill fans!

Been running the following list recently and was wanting so insight from others if there's anything they would edit currently. 
I've gone for a hard to kill, resilient crew that will attempt to take and hold objectives and focus down bigger stuff through sheer attrition. 
Von Schill
- The Shirt Comes Off...
- (open) situational dependant on opponent faction

Steam Trunk

- I Pay Better
- Oath Keeper


Cache: 4 ss

So far its been 100% successful winning games. 
Taelor and Johana bring their own hard to kill ability so can extend out of 'the schill bubble' which is nice and of course they both bring big 3" denial relic hammer pain.

Thoughts? All are welcome; I really want to refine my game with Von Schill but can't think of anything to change without making some difficult decisions of what to cut and replace. 

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I think it's a good crew :) I can only add minor advices:

- Take Sue against resser, negative flip to belles lure is extremly good (i think he has also HTK);
- When I see board and don't have too many cover I like to take effigy, you can switch it Freikorpsmann and have it in back, only to cast cover;
- Try to switch Taelor, for example with SaS, Rusty or Lazarus for more shooting;

I like Hannah in every outcast crew, but she is not so killy as Taelor.

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1 hour ago, daniello_s said:

Switch one Freikorpsman for Winged Plague and put Oathkeeper on Johana. She likes it :D

I was going to give them both Oathkeeper but stripped it off for the extra soul-stone. 
Didn't even know the winged plague existed - I imagine i won't be able to use it for a long time with my inability to allow myself to proxy for models. Kind of annoyed wave 3 is legal yet there is no cards or models yet :(

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It's a very different list to my approach which goes for speed over resilience, but it looks like a solid build. I'd look at getting that hodgepodge effigy in, great 4ss model in itself and potentially more SS with von schill as he can kill 1-2 models a turn.

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