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Quick Collodi question

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2 hours ago, bigbopper said:

So would Collodi still be able to use his runaway home trigger if he used his decoy ability? Thanks in advance

Yes.  Because the 'after resolving' clause in Runaway Home doesn't care whether any damage was inflicted or even what the result of the duel was. 


Decoy: When this model would suffer damage, it may kill a friendly model with the Personal Puppet Condition within 6" to reduce the damage to 0.


Df (M) Run Away Home: After resolving, push this model up to 3" in any direction.

The timing definition for 'After resolving':


•After resolving: These effects happen after Step 5 regardless of who wins the duel.


Just keep in mind that you're going to end up declaring the Run Away Home trigger during the 'declare one trigger' step, then waiting for the attacker to cause damage.  Then you invoke the Decoy ability to reduce the damage from the attack to 0.  And then you wait until the 'After Step 5' step of the duel resolution to perform Run Away Home's push.

I mention that because of the big difference in time between when you have to announce a trigger and when a trigger like Run Away Home gets resolved makes the idea of when you're using it a bit fuzzy.

Collodi using Decoy will foil the application of an 'After damaging' trigger, but it doesn't change the outcome of anyone's 'After resolving' triggers.


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