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Greedy Colette


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So, I have been on a scifi kick for a while, and haven't played in a bit. I am mostly a Guild guy but Colette, well she has always been my favorite and I plan on some practice with her for a bit. 


Over the holidays, one of my friends grabbed the Crossroads seven, and split it among his faux friends. Like I said, I usually guild, so I got greed. But she looks like a decent hitter for Colette. Steady damage and gaining and killing soulstones seems helpful and any band member is a bit thematic. Has anyone monkeyed with greed and Colette?


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I can see how any member of the band would work with them.  If you took more than one and managed to lure a model with a performer into their overlapping auras, I imagine you can do some damage or at least drain some valuable resources in the process.  The only issue is the whole crew will be so fragile.  May open you up for some blasts too.

Love the idea though.  Sadly, I have no practical experience.

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Greed isn't something I've tried with Colette but I suspect the once per turn on her main attack probably limits her usefulness to the crew.

Band wise I've run Envy and Lust with Colette.  Envy is reasonable, although probably a worse choice than the Acolyte unless you're looking to score Hunting Party (and then I think there are better enforcer choices).  

Lust is down is down right great anyway but with with Colette can do some amazing things. Specifically using 'Now, Kiss!' and 'Proper Positions' to clear Guard the Stash and Squatter's Rights markers of enemy, especially combined with the :+fate to Ca from Doves.  Her 'Heartbreaker' attack is also quite frightening if combined with the :+fate damage buff from a Dove.

Sue is getting towards the top of my 'thematic' Colette choices to try.

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