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Scottish GT 2016 - 23rd/24th July


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50SS fixed faction, 2-day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes and a raffle, held at Common Ground Games in Stirling.

Player Pack: http://www.2guys1paintpot.co.uk/malifaux/ScottishGT16.pdf

Payment (£25) as a gift to paypal@dolidh.com

Event located at:
Common Ground Games
40 Cowane Street

All The Lists


Strats and Schemes

Round 1 - Guard The Stash, Corner Deployment
Convict Labour
Frame for Murder
Leave Your Mark
Undercover Entourage
Show of Force

Round 2 - Turf War, Standard Deployment
Convict Labour
Hunting Party
Mark for Death
Set Up
Show of Force

Round 3 - Reckoning, Flank Deployment
Convict Labour
Exhaust Their Forces
Leave Your Mark
Occupy Their Turf
Search the Ruins

Round 4 - Headhunter, Standard Deployment
Convict Labour
Exhaust Their Forces
Neutralize the Leader
Take Prisioner

Round 5 - Extraction, Close Deployment
Convict Labour
A Quick Murder
Covert Breakthrough
Hunting Party
Show of Force


1. Ewan S
2. Paul B 
3. James D
4. Ben S
5. Paul C 
6. Gareth H
7. Stuart D 
8. Dave L 
9. Elinore R
10. Stuart F
11. Joe T 
12. David G
13. Marcus R
14: Ross B
15. Johnny W
16. V W
17. Jamie G
18. Lewis P
19. Maria W
20. Martyn N
21. Mark W
22. Michael A 
23. Andy B
24. Alistair M
25. Callum P
26. David H
27. Mark B
28. Steve M
29. Paul A
30. David M
31. Callum S
32. Jamie C
33. Barry D
34. Haydn S
35. Adam B
36. Stewart M
37. Conor M,
38. Ian G,
39. David McG
40. Alan N

Josh L
Mark E
Graham D
Alistair G


Teams - There will be a seperate team element that will not effect the overall results, but will have achievements to win a prize
1. 2G1P
2. Team London
3. Black Joker Society
4. Arcane Reservoir
5. (Ewan S's Team)
6. (Paul A's Team)


Lunch - Soup and sandwiches, £5 each day
1. Conor M
2. Johnny W 
3. V W
4. Ross B
5. Marcus R
6. Joe T
7. Barry D 
8. David M
9. Ben S
10. Lewis P
11. David G
12. Callum S
13. Callum P
14. Kai Y
15. Paul A
16. Stewart M
17. Paul B

18. Dave McG
19. Alistair M
20. Josh L
21. Mark E
22. Steve M
23. Alistair G
23. David H


Meal - all you can eat world buffet - http://www.namastestirling.co.uk/menu/ £13.95
1. Kai Y,
2. Lewis P,
3. Joe T,
4. Ben S,
5. Maria W,
6. Dave L,
7. David H,
8. David G,
9. Collomn P,
10. Callum S,
11. Jonny W,
12. V W,
13. Paul C,
14. Gareth H,
15. Martyn N,
16. Mark W,
17. Stuart D,
18 . Ewan S,
19. Stuart F,
20. Josh L,
21. Mark E,
22. Ross B,
23. Stewart M,
24. Conor M,
25. David McG
26 - 29. Paul B
30. Steve M
31. David H

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49 minutes ago, trikk said:

Any hints for foreigners? Closest INT airport? Edinbourgh? Glasgow? How to get to the location from the airport etc. :)

Glasgow is closer than Edinburgh, but not by much, 40 minute drive vs an hour (roughly).

However, remembering from last year Glasgow airport isn't exactly "central Glasgow" it's in Paisley so getting public transport (trains are decent) from either airport to Stirling will probably be roughly the same.

Personally I would look at two things, 1) what flight is cheaper, for me it was cheaper to go to Glasgae than Edinburgh last year but I'm sure it depends on a multitude of hings.

2) more importantly, look at where your're staying and what that is closer to/where is it, costs and all that.

Apologies for the less than precise advice but hey, I'm coming from a different country too. Kind of...


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22 minutes ago, Stryder said:

Would there be anyone willing to give me a lift there and back? I live just off the A1, junction 48. PM me for more details.

I will be passing right by you so could sort something out though I've not fully decided on exact timings yet.

I might be looking to head up after work on the Friday to avoid been half dead through Saturday.

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Things are hotting up. 2 special cards added to the raffle, and we are up to 23.

You will notice 2g1p are no longer excluded from the team competition. Their point of not getting the same out of the GT as everyone else was correct. So what I have done, is ask a very kind third party, that isn't coming to the event, to write up a list that i will just tick off on the day.

Lewis is organising a meal for the Saturday night - for those that don't have facebook, info below.



Meal for the Scottish Gt is getting organised, can I get a list of names if you're interested please? Thinking of hitting up the world buffet as that'll have something for everyone :) £13.95 a head for the buffet.



Kai Sj Young
Lewis Phillips
Joe Taylor
Ben sime 
Maria Wieland
Dave Laing
David Hamilton
David Garrard
Michelle Dallas
Alastair Crowe
Steve Mcvicar
Collomn Pollon
Callum Sinclair
Jonny West
V West
Paul Campbell
Gareth Henry
Martyn Nichol
Mark Watson
Stuart D,
Ewan S,
Stuart F,
Josh L,
Mark E,
Haydn S,
Ross B,
Stewart M,
Conor M


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