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New Player Looking for Advice


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Hello wonderful community!  I'm new here after a local friend got me hooked on the fluff and game.  

I started by buying, Seamus box, a box of nurses and Bete Noire.  Where do I go from here?  My primary faction will be Rezzers followed by outcasts.  So I would like stuff that will work in rezzers and work for Jack Daw as well (and tara).  

Thanks for any help!

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Hanged. Dead Doxies when they come out.

Punk Zombies (just buy Nicodem)

Crooligans (Molly)

I would have said grab MacMourning, but you already have Nurses.

Crooked Men

The Drowned

Jaakuna Abume (hasn't been seen in new models and the metal is hard to come by, so you might have to proxy for a while)

Basically all Resurrectionist units with the Tormented characteristic will work with Jack Daw, and with Resurrectionists, so there's a fairly large shared pool. Seamus likes Belles.

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