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Getting back into the game

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As the title says,  I'm getting back into the game after around 2 years away,I gave up a few months afte V2 hit,so what have I missed?


My aim is to get the missus playing (who has never played a wargame in her life),so im looking at getting the 2 player starter,along with the mcmourning box for me, and a neverborn starter for her (along with kandy, kade and tuco),hopefully a load ofbterrain,and ive already picked up the rulebook and crossroads)

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Just an FYI, Candy and Kade are now in Pandoras crew box. Unless you can hunt down the ever diminishing metals, that's the only place you'll now find them. Lots of stuff from 1E that were in individual blisters have moved to being in crew boxes.

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