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Meeplefaux  - 40ss Tournament
June 11, 2016

247 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 3A8
(647) 503-1236

Registration begins at 11.00AM. First round starts at 11.30AM.

$10 entry fee. Prizes :

  • First Place: Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit (Large Mystery box if 12+ players) 
  • Second Place:  Mystery Box.
  • Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models.
  • Mystery Alt Foil Card – Awarded to the Player who finishes highest playing the Faction of the Alt Card. (12+ Players)
  • Store Credit: pool of $25/entrant to be divided up among prizes.  Amounts TBD.
  • Additional prizes TBA depending on turn out.

Tournament will be run using Wyrd’s Gaining Grounds 2016 format with 40 soul stone crews. Rounds will be 2 hours in length. GG 2016 requirements for fully painted and based crews are waived.

  • Round 1 – Reconnoiter, Flank Deployment
  • Round 2– Extraction, Standard Deployment
  • Round3 – Collect the Bounty, Close Deployment

Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.

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Updated Event Info

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Meeplemart will be contributing an additional $15 for each player enter. So in addition to the Wyrd prize kit there will be a pool of $25/player in store credit (distribution tbd).

Rumours of additional prize support, so will update when it's confirmed!


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