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Quarterstaff Malifaux Slow Grow League


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Starting the 20th of March i will begin to run a slow grow league for the next 4 weeks, this will follow the Rapid Growth Document Wyrd released, http://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-17km.zip

The first week will be 26 stones per game the next 30 and so on, each week you will complete different achievements that are listed in the document listed above to earn points! just show up play games and youll gain points and extra for painting models and such, check the document for a full list of achievements.

Prizes will be given to the 3 players with the most points by the end of the league! 3rd place gets a 10$ gift card the the store, 2nd gets 15$, and the First place will get a Limited edition model/crew of their choice! (that are available to me on the hench store) The best part is no entry fee!

Message me with questions or post in the group, hope to see yall there!


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