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H: Painted Levi Crew, Terraclips, others W: painted crew/£££


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For sale: (UK and EU only please)

So, too many toys and too little time! I have for sale a range of terrain and models. Please feel free to make offers! I am looking for well painted crews in exchange, namely outcasts or Resses.

Pictures of crews and Terrain available on request....!streets of malifaux terraclips set +1 full set of clips. Skirmished on a very few times- in excellent condition supplied in original boxes. £80 posted

Sewers of malifaux terraclips set +1  full set of clips. Skirmished on a very few times- in excellent condition supplied in original boxes. £80 posted.

Alternatively, £140 for the pair with all clips.

well painted Leveticus crew inc cards: £100 posted. Trade for another well painted crew


X3 Waifs

x1 Flesh Construct

x3 Necropunks

x4 Abominations

x1 Johan

x1 Trapper

Reasonably painted Pandora crew (no cards) cards-Pandora, Poltergeist, x3 Sorrows- £30

Built Tannen and graves (no cards)- £10.00 posted the pair. SOLD

x1 Miss Demeanour; female convict  Gunslinger- £25 posted

x2 metal marionettes- £3 posted

Metal Zoraida (no dolls + M2E cards- £7.00 posted unbuilt

x1 unbuilt M2E witchling w/ card- £3.00 posted.

x1 plastic mcmourning unbuilt and X1 metal Sebastian partially base coated inc M2E cards- £11.00 posted 

X1 plastic nurse, unbuilt with m2e card. £4.00 posted SOLD

x1 Neverborn Starter set deck- £9.00 posted

x1 guild starter set fate deck- 

£9.00 posted

(Alternatively, £14.00 the pair posted)

X3 new on sprue sorrows- no cards. £7.00 posted







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