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New player looking for advise


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Hi I am a new player to Malifaux.....never even played a game. However been into miniature gaming for the better part of a decade now. Mostly Warhammer fantasy but lately Kings of War and Infinity. Now I looked at the rules for Malifaux and fell in love with them and with the Gremlins. Mostly with the pigs. So I picked up the Ulix set and put it together last night and love the models. Now I am not one to go into things slow and thus want to make sure I can field a 50 SS force soon. With that I have 2 problems.


1 )Not sure what will work and what won't so could use some advise on initial 50 stone list:


Ulix - Huntin' bow - Husbandry - Dirty Cheater - 6 SS

Old Major - Corn Husks - Saddle - 12 SS

Penelope - 2 SS (Love the model a must just for the model)

Pigapult - 8 SS (fling pigs at opponents, why else play gremlins. Also a must for the model and the rules)

3X Stuffed Piglets - 6 SS (2SS each - what's better than flinging pigs at opponents? Flinging exploding pigs)

The Sow - 8 SS (for summoning piglets)

Slop Hauler - 5 SS 

3 extra SS for a 7 SS pool.


I will have to get piglets and a war pig for summoning.


Will this be an ok crew?


Problem 2) Where do I get the models. Most are easy enough to find (Ulix, Old Major, Pigapult, Slop Hauler, Piglets) but others seem impossible to find such as the Sow and Stuffed piglets. Anyone know where to get them?


Thanks for any advise!!!!!



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The reason you're having trouble finding The Sow and Stuffed Piglets is because they aren't out yet. I believe they're both coming out in April. If you ask nicely your opponents might let you proxy them for the time being.

Normally I'd do a big recommendation post but I'm sick and don't have the energy right now (and other people's have been pretty great recently) so I'd say yeah it looks decent, although I'd warn that Malifaux isn't so much a game for fixed lists so as you get more models you can hopefully tailor it a bit more to the strategy and schemes.

You'll probably want a couple of boxes of piglets too, they're cheap and difficult to kill and of course you can summon them.

For a single other model purchase, probably Merris LaCroix. She is amazing at achieving schemes and if you're looking at summoning war pigs, she can drop two scheme markers required in one activation, then fly off and do something else.


welcome to gremlins!


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I can confirm that

• The Sow

• Stuffed Piglets*

[(*) bundled in a Story Encounter]

will drop in April. April 22nd to be precise. According to the March Newsletter The Sow releases in a single box and Stuffed Piglets in the Creative Taxidermy Story Encounter



... and to add insult to injury. Well we have the Rooster Riders coming along, too


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10 hours ago, Dogmantra said:

The reason you're having trouble finding Stuffed Piglets is because they aren't out yet.

You might be able to find the metal ones (along with the Taxidermists) in some brick and mortar stores. I am sure those retailers would be glad to sell them.

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