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Lady ortega


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Just for fun (or not?) Here it is my personal view of lady j:

Lady justice


+badge of office

Francisco ortega

+wade in

+hermanos de armas

Santiago ortega

Nino ortega

Abuela ortega

Brutal effigy


Not much to say... abuela first turn merries her, than it's a melee dita. It works.

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Why family? Because 1) spotter: lady j will be in the thick of things, really few enemies will be out of 8" from her. 

2)someone ain't got sliced up properly? Problems with "hard to kill"? Santiago can activete right after her (if you placed him properly) and shoot in combat, taking care of the survivors. And, if you plan to bring togheter a pistolero de latigo...


(By the way, for "spotter" i want lady j too in the family:  never count too much on cisco, if my enemy knows a little how to play, cisco will be a dead man walking)

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Sorry for that. I misread :)

What if i use mcm instead?

He's also great in melee, he can cure himself, high mobility and he can do great things with scheme marker related objective ,if you are ready to endure poison.

that, with a crew like ortegas, where shrug off is a common feature, isn't a great problem.

He also can deliver precision to the crew.. 1 ap and a mask to make nino and santiago immune to armor, then charge.

Last but not least, 'Cisco offers the proper solution to the horribles df and wp of the doctor. 

(Please, remember that these are merely conjecture, i'm not searching for the best buld around, but for well-rounded FUNNY crew to enjoy a different playstyle)

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