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Low River Style- Stone on the river


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I was recently using Sensei Yu for the first time. I noticed that the Stones on the River action on the Low River Style upgrade is described as an Ml action with a 6 inch range. Surely this is supposed to be a casting action. I've searched and can't find any other mention of it. Do I have an old version of the card?

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There is nothing to stop tactical actions from using the Ml stat. Fuhatsu uses Ml for his madman with a gun action.

Making it a Ml action rather than a Ca action means that Malifaux child can't copy it, and things like disrupt magic don't make it harder to do. 



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18 minutes ago, mountainnomad said:

It also means that most models won't be able to interact within 6 inches. Sensei Yu could still interact at the cost of a focus though so I wouldn't be objecting if this is a melee action. 


Nope, that would be :melee actions that prevent that, not MI actions


*edit for clarity - although it's an MI attack, because it doesn't have :melee, it doesn't have an engagement range, and thus doesn't prevent anyone interacting, or moving away from Shen or Yu*

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