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Fixing New Snow Storm


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Hi people!

So a few days ago I got the new plastic Snow Storm. I previously saw the renders and didn't like at all the concept design, specially the way Rasputina was almost melted to the Snow Storm leg. The old model looked better and more menacing in many ways. But, since I new I couldn't get the old model in my country (Argentina) I had conform and buy the new one.

As I found out when putting together the model, the thing of Raspy sticking to the SS leg looked awful. I realy couldn't understand why Wyrd didn't make two separate models and let the us choose if we wanted to put them together or not. That realy pissed me off! So... I had no other option that to use my non-existent modeling skills and make the necessary modifications to make each model a separate one.

I think the result is decent enough. So now each time I'm using in the game the SS, I will replace the starndard Raspy model for this one with the heavy coat.

Hope you all like it!







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1 minute ago, Fetid Strumpet said:

Looks good, well done!

Just to clarify though, the woman isn't Rasputina. The woman is a silent one called "Snow". The Wendigo is an aspect of December that was bound to her, so together they are "Snow" and "Storm", Snowstorm. ?

Oh realy? My bad for not reading the Arcanists story :( Well I guess now I have an extra Silent One model :P

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I like the dark brooding Storm. It is an interesting and somewhat unusual approach to the normal all white image of a Yeti. Did you make Snow detachable?

My one gripe (and it may just be the lighting) is that Snow makes the model really dark, drawing focus to her and sort of blending the model in an odd way. I might suggest going a bit brighter on her coat to provide some better contrast between her and Storm.

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The grew color is because I kind of don't know how to paint furr, other than drybrush over modeled existing furr. The skin is all drybrushed from P3's exile blue, to cygnar blue highlight, to arcane blue, to frostbite. Then I washed it with citadel agrax earthshade. It ended up with a wierd nice gray.

Snow is just glued there. And it's true, it almost has no difference with the other grey, but i always end up doing very dark tones u_u

Thanx for the advice!

Please, feel free to visit my gallery and comment https://www.facebook.com/animus.minis/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

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