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Why i play Gremlins


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So I'm heading back into the Bayou this year after playing Outcasts most of last year. And a whole 3 people have asked me "Why do you play Gremlins?" So to answer them I wrote a blog post about it.


I'd love to hear any feedback - and your reasons for palying Gremlins!

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The reason I like them is that they can do what most other factions can, but with a fun twist. We even have constructs now, Trixibelle is a reverse belle, etc.

I also think we have the most creative abilities (or at least up there with neverborn) in the game and I really like the combo potential of these crazy skills.

The next thing is that most gremlins can work good together, I can use most of my models with most of my masters and not feel handicapped. Other factions have more restricted unit selection for their masters. As a gremlin player I can pick up a blister/starter, throw it in with the others and potentially have a crew with some synergy.

Last but not least I just love our AP pool. Almost all models have reckless/melee expert/nimble/1AP charge. It feels great to do so much more things with my figures than the enemy.

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They were first sold to me for their sense of humour and sexy gremlin gurls. This was even before I knew about playing Malifaux.

They have bacon, booze and babes. Everything held together in a grotesque kind of cute.

Then, when I started going through the books and the cards, I felt really lucky for having picked the best faction out of the hat.

I also play Leveticus, more out of curiosity than of anything else. Gremlins are my first and foremost love from Malifaux.

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