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M2E Tournament @ PFC Games in Edmonds, WA Mar 26th


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Sat, March 26th 2015


Malifaux M2E Tournament




PFC Games 7528 Olympic View Dive Suite #106, Edmonds, WA 98026


(425) 670-0550




I plan on hosting a Malifaux tournament the fourth Saturday of Every month (except August and December 2016) at PFC games. Formats will vary depending on feedback.  Most tournaments will be 50 SS fixed faction or “something different”.




This event will follow the guidelines in Gaining Grounds 2016, with the following exceptions;


Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules


·         Avatar’s are an exception to the proxy rules below. Any master mounted on the appropriate sized base (I think all avatars are on  50mm bases) can be used to represent that master in their avatar form.


·         Proxy models are not allowed if Wyrd has released the model (not counting limited releases like the Black Friday sales). Proxies are allowed for unreleased models as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they stand for. Wyrd models may only be used to represent what they are, unless they are converted. Please check in advance with the organizer for suitability.


·         Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. If using a model that was converted with pre-made bits, only 30% of the model may be built from other game companies’ models, while the rest has to be self-sculpted or Wyrd bits.


·         Models must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base. However, there will be a prize for the best painted model (see below).


Entry Fee


$3 entry fee (waived for PFC members).




Noon                                       Registration


12:30                                       Round 1 Begins


The tournament will consist of three 105 minute rounds with ~15 minutes between rounds.


Crew Construction


50 SS Single Faction


Avatar upgrades are legal for this tournament.




Prizes will be determined by number of participants and awarded for:


·         Best General (Winner of the tournament)


·         Best Sportsmanship (voted by opponents)


·         Best Painted Army (voted by participants)




Strategies and deployments have been predetermined (see below). For Corner and Flank deployments players will deploy in the left hand corner when facing the table.


·         Round 1 – Interference, Corner Deployment


·         Round 2 – Headhunter, Standard Deployment


·         Round 3 – Extraction, Flank Deployment




We will be using the Gaining Grounds 2016 scheme table. At the start of each round a common scheme pool will be announced that will be used by every table that round.







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