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Pearls before swine, my gremlins

Ress is More

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The basings is actually quite simple. I start with some scattered flat lumps of putty, when dry I cover them with PVA and then sand. Paint the sand brown with a lighter brown drybrush. The parts of the base which are not covered with sand are painted a relatively dark green (water). The long grass tufts come from a regular large brush (used for wallpaint), these are given a wash of green. Cut of the the length and width you want and apply these with a drop of PVA (or superglue, PVA allows more positioning after placing them) Then look for some fine twigs (outside, in the real world), apply these randomly. I painted these browngreyish to resemble dead branches. Now you apply the water to create the marsh effect. Directly after applying I take some slightly watered down black paint and stir this through the water to make it less homogene. Last I place some autumn tufts on the sand.




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On 4/17/2016 at 5:24 AM, Munindk said:

I dont get the blue on Old Major, but it works.

The.. blue ribbon?

Like, all "prize" animals win "blue ribbons" at county fairs or such.  It's a fairly common concept, I would think, although perhaps a bit American based?

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Now something else. I want to create (some) thematic terrain for my gremlins. First attempt is this wire, plaster and Islandic moss made tree on a 50 mm base. It wasn"t too much work and I will make a little piece of forest aswell, propably 3 or 4 removable trees in varying sizes.



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