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New player starting Ressers


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Hi there,

I am a longtime wargamer from Germany but absolutely new to Malifaux. I have persuaded my wife to also start a Malifaux crew. She really likes the Rotten Belles and Seamus. Therefore, his crew box seems to be a good starting point. Do you recommend any additions to this box to get it to 50 SS or is the crew out of the box playable at this point level?

Greeting Vader

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I'd suggest grabbing McMourning even if you aren't planning to play him right now. You might find a use for the Flesh Construct and you'll want the Nurses anyway.

Hanged are nice. Dead Doxies are coming out soon enough that I've seen online shops with them on pre-order.

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If you're getting McM and Seamus boxes, you have a fair starter set up for 50ss games if you cannibalize one box to supplement the other. Since you mentioned you like McM and might look to play him, my post is geared towards the idea you and your wife will both largely be playing ressers initially. McM can be run guild with resser models when he has one of his upgrades--I think moonlighting?

While Yin is a great addition, especially for Seamus, you guys will probably want a little more mileage out of your purchases so that you can both grow into playing the game without cannibalizing each others' boxes and playing with uneven power levels. The starter boxes out of the box aren't usually balanced--Seamus' box is significantly better than McM's box while you're both learning IMO--newer players tend to have issues dealing with ranged attacks, and Seamus' box packs a punch in the shooting department.

I'd recommend picking up some old metals and see about getting them for cheap if you don't mind the older models. You'll both want many of the same models, and some of the models you'll want aren't in plastic readily yet, e.g. Rafkin just not being in plastic, dead doxies being easier to find in metal than plastic. This way you may be able to get more mileage from your money and have reasonable play sets of models so that you two can play with mostly evenly matched crews. 

If you buy Yin, you get 1, and going on new MSRP that's only slightly cheaper than a set of necropunks that gives both of you one necropunk each and 5SS so that you guys aren't maxing SS pools for lack of models. 

Also, if you guys start branching out, getting flesh constructs for McM and enforcers for Seamus, then you can do that once you're more familiar with the game. 

I suggest playing smaller games at first, particularly 35-40SS games. The crew boxes aren't 50SS ready out of the gate, and even at 35-40SS they're somewhat awkward. Seamus and McM pretty much cannot summon out of their starters even in a 35SS game until one of their summon-able units is killed first. 

Find out if you guys like the game enough to invest to build 50SS crews. A 50SS crew isn't just having the SS count for the crew--you're building a crew to accomplish objectives, and not all models are created equal, especially the starter box model sets.

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I don´t like the old metal models that much. I will have to wait for the unreleased plastic models :) Besides, I definetly want to start Guild (and Gremlins*g*), McMourning would only be of interest for me to expand my Guild forces. The Resser exclusive stuff in his box would be used just by my wife´s Seamus crew. Yesterday I had a funny dialog with my wife regarding Yin. I was a litte sceptic if she would like the concept of a female head with just a spine and organs.

Myself (showing a picture of Yin´s box): How do you like this?

My wife: Is it useful with my starting crew?

Myself: Hm....yes?!

My wife: Alright, where did you get this information?

Myself: From the internet....a Malifaux forum.

My wife: Ok buy it.

Myself: :huh:

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On 05/03/2016 at 2:45 PM, Seryjniak said:

Hello - I'm also new player and have a question about Sybelle - she can make a model get peon characteristic - does it triger sue ability to one shoot a peon if he doesnt spend 2 soul stones ?

The death mark trigger reads "treated as a peon for encounter purposes", so im afraid id have to vote no.

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Between Seamus & McM boxes plus Yin, your wife will probably want to run the following:


Seamus--Limited upgrade (practice with both), RCK, Mad Haberdasher--4SS


Sybelle--Bleeding Tongue, Not Too Banged Up--10SS

Yin--Unnerving Aura--9SS

2x Rotten Belles--10SS

1x Nurse--5SS

1x Flesh Construct--6SS

That's a 47SS crew, leaving you 6SS to start. That's a high number of SS for Seamus, which should help you learn about SS for prevention, initiative, suits, etc. It's also nice because the regular MVPs will likely be Seamus and Sybelle, who can get SS hungry depending on how risky you want to be with them as you learn. 

Since you're really going guild, if your wife likes playing Seamus, then she may want you to invest in a Bete Noire for her depending on which crew you go. Guild has a lot of ranged options depending on your master, e.g. Lucius who basically shoots a lot with plus flips, or Perdita who's entire crew essentially shoots you with 1/2 frontline models. Bete Noire is an enforcer with an anti-shooting aura, and she's a finesse piece that will teach how to manage cards and weigh risks in popping her out to burst some damage. 

Alternatively, I'd suggest the Molly box or necropunk box. Molly's box comes with crooligans, which are great scheme runners, and the necropunks are likely the premier scheme runners for Ressers. The advantage of getting the Molly box is getting a new master plus Phillip & the Nanny, a model exclusive to that box barring a blister release. While he's expensive, he's an additional henchmen your wife can use in lieu of the flesh construct, and you still get three scheme runners to learn with. In the default set of schemes, Necropunks are usually a little better, but they cost 1SS more. In the 2016 Gaining Grounds scheme set, I've found the two are roughly equal because the schemes don't favor taking two marker heavy schemes as much.

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Thanks for the list. We will give it a try :)

I also like the Molly box and the Necropunks but i am not sure if my wife likes them. She is very busy at the moment finishing her PhD and doesn´t have time to look at the miniatures. I will try to sell them to her when she is finished ;)

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