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CoMo Malifaux March League


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Lucius looked down at the missive from one of the outlining towns.  If you could see behind the mask you a look of excitement could have been seen.  It seemed that one of the silver ore veins in the area came upon a new source of Soulstones along with some open areas with strange writtings.  “It seems to me that someone must go and investigate this new source, and claim it for the Guild.  Sends this to Mr. Hoffman, tell him to gather his resources and bring the force of the Guild to the area.”  The guard left the office in a hurry and tried to avoid his gaze.  After the guard had left Lucius wondered to himself, what others have heard about this and what these markings could mean.


Join us for The CoMO Malifaux group’s second league of the year starting March 3.  We are going to run a four week campaign (Shifting Loyalties) where everyone starts with an extra 15 scrip (total 50) so that your arsenal can start with a master but keeping only one upgrade to begin with.  Along with that we will use the extra scrip rule and have a territory grab element and starting the third week people can buy their avatar upgrade for 10 scrip on week three (so someone doesn’t get there avatar well before everyone else and stomp them).


For the territory everyone will start with one location with 10 control points (cp).  Players can play another campaign player once a week flipping to see who is attacking, high card is the attacker.  The attacker chooses which location to attack, picks their deployment and deploys first in game.  Valid targets are neutral and defender locations.  A victory grants the player 2 cp, a tie 1 cp, and a loss 0 cp in that location.  At the end of the week (Wednesdays) the points will be tallied and territories may switch hands.


At the end of the event, the winner will be determined by the player with the most territory, if there is a tie then the rules for Hide Outs final standing will be used to determine the winner.  Prizes to be awarded to top player and best painted crew.

Map will be reviled on the opening night (March 3) and will remain up at Valhalla's Gate (2525 Bernadette Dr, Columbia, MO 65203) through the league.

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